Yamaha FZR Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Yamaha FZR drag racing a Sea-Doo RXT-X
Impromptu drag race pitting the Yamaha FZR against the Sea-Doo RXT-X. The Yamaha FZR won soundly.

Yamaha VXR and FZR Drag Race Sea-Doo RXT-X
Video montage of dealers drag racing the Yamaha VXR, Yamaha FZR and Sea-Doo RXT-X at recent demo event. Lots of fun for the dealers who were very ...

fzr drag race
fzr drag racing.

Fzr 1000 Drag
Small clip of me and my FZR1000 StreetFighter during StreetLegal Drag. First time at the strip, 2nd place:)

FZR vs. RXP drag race
Bolt on RXP vs 2 bolt on and tuned FZR's. (RXP is camera ski)

My Movie fzr 1000 drag
well i do this abit on my fzr1000 which i have had 27years +.

,10 9 sec Yamaha fzr genesis v Honda fire-blade
bulldog bash 2015 in the uk run buy the hell's angle's Great fun.

fzr 1000 drag bike missed gear 11.57 run
north weald drag strip fzr 1000 genesis.

FZR 600 Drag Trike
Seeing what it will do.

fzr 1000 dragbike rider john jefferson
fzr 1000 drag bike at north weald.

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Kevin's Krazy Karts #3 FZR 600 go kart
This pass looked better and I stayed out of the rev limiter, but it was actually slower at 79.94 mph and 8.45 et. a sprocket change and better compound tire should ...