Volvo S80 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

V8 vs D5 BiTurbo - most powerful Volvo S80s race
Drag race performed by the most powerful diesel-powered Volvo S80 - D5 215 HP Biturbo and petrol - 4.4 V8 315 HP. Music at the beginning: Battle of Kings by ...

Volvo S80 vs BMW 320d E46 drag race
Volvo S80 vs BMW 320d E46 drag race.

S80 V8 vs S80 T6 Polestar
Volvo S80 4.4 V8 vs S80 3.0 T6 Polestar tuned. Guess who won... crap. I'm asking how?! I measured my car once and it does 0-100 km/h in 6,5 s as Volvo ...

2014 BMW X5 vs Volvo XC60 Mashup Drag Race: Super-Turbo vs Turbo-Turbo ) The 2014 BMW X5 and the 2015 Volvo XC60 T6 are both tall crossovers that don't compete against each other but they are similar in ...

Volvo Trucks - The Iron Knight vs Volvo S60 Polestar - Two titans in a head-to-head challenge
For the first time ever, two Swedish titans facing each other on the race track. The Iron Knight, world's fastest truck – twice, racing against the winner of the FIA ...

BMW e34 525 tds vs Volvo s80
Bmw e34 525 tds M Technic 120 kw 1994 vs Volvo s80 2.5 tdi 1999 drag race. These cars have the same factory acceleration from 0-100 in 11 s.

Sleeper Volvo Takes Down Toyota Supra

BMW 540i vs. Volvo S80 2.8T
Nyíregyháza Dragracing 2009 A döntő futam amit sikeresen megnyertem :-)

Volvo S80 T6 downpipe(catback) Cold Start
AGP Motorsport.

Volvo S80 Ocean Race '2004–05

Audi RS6 racing a Volvo S80 V8 - a bad idea
THAT WAS ONE F******* FAST AUDI! It didn't wake my friend up however... And Audi fan that has the same generation tuned 3.0 TDI. And he missed it all with ...

TTR LS7 BIG turbo Volvo Wagon wins at Hammerway No Limits race
TTR has a Big turbo LS7 in a old Volvo wagon, making it the BadAssWagon. Here is how that old Volvo hauled ass down at the Unlimited race held by ...