Volvo C70 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Volvo c70 (677hp) 1000m race

Marie memorial 2009 volvo c70 dragracing top doorslammer
Nytt pers 4.51s 253km/h.

Volvo C70 Race T5 GT3076R 400 hp 13.6 1/4 mile@113 mph Bandimere RMVCOA 2013
Finally, All My Work and $$ Pays Off.....

volvo c70 turbo dragrace

DRAG RACE HONDA C70 - Setting Drag Bike Honda C70
DRAG RACE HONDA C70 drag c70 drag c70 vs ninja drag c70 surabaya 2016 drag c70 thailand drag c70 200cc drag c70 kenjeran 2016 drag c70 surabaya ...

Volvo S70 vs. C70 Race Bandimere 2013 Scott Keits RMVCOA

Volvo C70 T5 Race Saffron GT3076R Bandimere 2013 RMVCOA Brett
13.8 @110 mph, 91 octane gas, 5280 ft.

Volvo C70 Bandimere Race 2013 RMVCOA Scott

Worlds fastest Volvo C70 Pro Stock 2006
Snowball Racing Volvo C70 Pro Stock.

Volvo 1998 C70 Race
Running A 14.8.

volvo c70 dragracing 4cyl turbo blandat 2008

Volvo C70 Quarter Mile 13.60
Brett of Volvo Specialists posts a best-of-the-day 13.60 ET at Bandimere Speedway (Denver). EDIT: corrected title to C70.