Volvo C70 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Volvo C70 Race T5 GT3076R 400 hp 13.6 1/4 mile@113 mph Bandimere RMVCOA 2013
Finally, All My Work and $$ Pays Off.....

volvo c70 turbo dragrace

Volvo S70 vs. C70 Race Bandimere 2013 Scott Keits RMVCOA

C70 vs. S60 R
Carrie's 1998 Saffron C70 vs Dion's Flash Green 2004 S60 R.

Volvo 1998 C70 Race
Running A 14.8.

Volvo C70 vs Ford Focus RS
Volvo C70 by Yaro vs Ford Focus RS - 1/4 mile drag race. - I know, horrible time (C70 -15,9s; Focus RS -15,72s) but this was my first time.. I'll be practising and ...

Volvo C70 Quarter Mile 13.60
Brett of Volvo Specialists posts a best-of-the-day 13.60 ET at Bandimere Speedway (Denver). EDIT: corrected title to C70.

Marie memorial 2009 volvo c70 dragracing top doorslammer
Nytt pers 4.51s 253km/h.

Volvo 940 turbo vs. Volvo C70 T5 at york 30/05/10
Volvo 940 turbo vs. Volvo C70 T5 drag race at york 30/05/10.

Volvo C70 T5 vs
vpcuk meet at avon park.

volvo c70 2.3 turbo 0-100++

volvo c70 dragracing 4cyl turbo
765 291.