Volvo 740-GL Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Volvo 740 GL - Swedish Cold Start
Real swedish winter with -24 degrees celsius (-11 farenheit) outside and the mighty Volvo starts. No blockheater used. B230A engine with Pierburg 175cdus ...

Volvo 740 turbo Drag Races
had a rough night at the track, between the trans not being able to do a w0t shift due to to low of a rev limiter and the not being able to launch the car without ...

Team SladdarnaRacing! Volvo 740 GL
Lite klipp ifrån säsongen 2011. Redigerat av Linus Lindqvist.

2/13/11 SpeedWorld Volvo 740 Drag Races
1991 744 Turbo Drag Races.

volvo 740 drag race
volvo 740 drag race.

Volvo 740T5
Volvo 740 GL/T5 Drift.

1990 Volvo 740 Turbo 100ft drag race Honda CRX
First over-edited video.

ft wainwright drag racing 79 dodge srt4 neon vs volvo 740

volvo 242 t6 drag race
1/4 mile 2001 11321ET 207,17km/h Summer 2012 best time is 10,5 and 234km/h @ 1/4 mile.

WAT RD Volvo Drag Race (Kerbal Space Program)
WAT Rocket Development and WAT Racing Development team up to bring you a chopped, jet-engine powered Volvo 740. Time for illegal runway drag racing at ...

Volvo 740 wagon restoration, tune up, replace plugs and clean intake system. Ep 4 - Day 7 - VOTD
That $500 740 GL wagon restoration, episode 4, work day 6. In this video I give the car a tune up. Replace the spark plugs, change the air filter, and clean the ...

How to test the primary fuel pump on a Volvo 740, 940, and 240 vehicles. - VOTD
Here I had to begin the troubleshooting process of the no start condition that I have. I show how to test the fuel pump. This is a red block Volvo 1990 740 GL and ...