Volvo 740 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

TURBO 4 Cylinder Volvo, NITROUS V8 Amazon + MORE - Sweden STREET RACING!
Some of the baddest street cars converge in Sweden to throw down on the street in this badass feature! A Small Block Chevy Volvo Amazon, 4 cylinder turbo Volvo 740, a 2.2L Turbo S4, and a small...

Volvo 740 T5 788whk Vebotrim på västervik

Volvo 740 turbo Outlaw dragcar testing on methanol at Malmø Speedway
meet this mega badass volvo on a weensday night af testing at the local track. its newly finished after years of building and they are planing to turn it way up ! Want to race with us ? Cphcashday...

Mercedes CLK Kompressor vs Volvo 740 Turbo - Street Race Drag Sweden 2016
Mercedes CLK Kompressor vs Volvo 740 Turbo - Street Race Sweden 2016 Filmed by Milad Dabi (Thank you)

BMW E30 turbo vs. Volvo 740 turbo
E30 with low boost and street tires, Volvo 740 with Hoosier drag tires.

Volvo 740 Turbo Bandimere Race
Volvo Drag Race.

volvo 740 drag race
volvo 740 drag race.

ft wainwright drag racing 69 volvo 740 vs impreza

STREET RACING Test Hits - 1300+hp N2O Malibu, TURBO LSx Volvo 242, 1400+hp N2O Mustang + MORE!
As the Swedish racing season is upon us, a group of cars gathered to flex their muscles to grudge race and make test hits in BROAD DAYLIGHT! It's anyone against anyone, BIG tire cars on SMALL...

ft wainwright drag racing 79 dodge srt4 neon vs volvo 740

This turbo LS1 swapped Volvo station wagon is built to move! Right now it's on stock width street tires, but still draws our attention! When they get a nice drag radial on this thing it will...

Supercar Volvo Turbo 275 km/h @ 7.90 s for pictures and facts! From Sweden comes this 1953 Volvo called The Carbonfiber PV (Kolfiber PVn). It has a 16V, 4 cylinder, 2192 cm3 (133 cui), 1050 hp volvo engine....