Volvo 544 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1960's Volvo does 11 sec ¼ mile drag!
Fast, Furious and Funny headed down to the drag strip to meet the owner of a sexy 1960's Volvo PV 544. It gets an impressive 11sec on the ¼ mile strip, which is ...

Supercar Volvo Turbo 275 km/h @ 7.90 s for pictures and facts! From Sweden comes this 1953 Volvo called The Carbonfiber PV (Kolfiber PVn). It has a 16V, 4 cylinder, 2192 ...

Cumberland Historics - Vintage Racing Volvo PV 544, Sunday Runs
Sunday runs at the Cumberland Historics Autocross event held by the National Road Autosport group commemorating the road races held at the Cumberland ...

Drag Racing Iceland! Volvo PV vs Altered Dragster 598
Drag Racing Iceland! 30.april 2016 Finnbjörn Kristjánsson - Volvo PV against Harry Þór Hólmgeirsson - Altered Dragster. Race Organizer - Kvartmíluklúbburinn ...

Ford Pinto vs Volvo PV544
1974 Ford Pinto vs Volvo PV 544 at drag racing event in Iceland 2013

Ford Pinto vs Volvo PV544
Ford Pinto vs Volvo PV544 at drag racing event in Iceland 02.06.2012.

Brazuca Racing PV By Sundis Widedivx
Brazuca racing PV FILM MADE BY Sundis

PV Racing qualification run @ Alastaro Drag Week
Follow PV Racing in a qualification run during FHRA Drag Week at Alastaro Circuit. 7.425 sec @ 292 km/h PV Racing Visit our webpage at ...

1957 Volvo Drag car (Fire Up)
1957 volvo with 496 bbc engine, everything is handbuilt excluding the body of the car.

Volvo PV 544 Start up goes wrong
Here comes the fire!

Classic Volvo PV+ massive V8 = FUN
Brazuca's Volvo PV back in 2005. Check out the huge wheelie about 2 min into the vid.

1964 Volvo 544
VOLVO PV 544 (1964) - Front Engine 1778 CC, 12 Volt Electrical - Twin SU Carburetors, 4 Cylinders - 85 Horsepower at 5400 rpm. Top Speed 160kms ...