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Volvo 544 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Supercar Volvo Turbo 275 km/h @ 7.90 s
www.hunchbackracing.se for pictures and facts! From Sweden comes this 1953 Volvo called The Carbonfiber PV (Kolfiber PVn). It has a 16V, 4 cylinder, 2192 cm3...

Volvo PV 544 dragracing
Daddi tekur 5.71@122.23mph.

1973 Ford Pinto vs Volvo PV544
1973 Ford Pinto vs. Volvo PV544 at quarter mile drag racing in Iceland 2013. http://motorsport-photos.net/

1960's Volvo does 11 sec ¼ mile drag!
Fast, Furious and Funny headed down to the drag strip to meet the owner of a sexy 1960's Volvo PV 544. It gets an impressive 11sec on the ¼ mile strip, which...

Banger Racing Boerhaar 2013 On-Board Remy 'Remus' Verduin Volvo PV 544
On-board banger racing boerhaar 14-7-13 Rolled 2X Team Perforators First time Banger Racing: #52 Remy 'Remus' Verduin Volvo PV 544 katterug.

Cumberland Historics - Vintage Racing Volvo PV 544, Sunday Runs
Sunday runs at the Cumberland Historics Autocross event held by the National Road Autosport group commemorating the road races held at the Cumberland Airport...

Volvo Yellow 850 R Drag Racing
Volvo 850 R drag races in slow transmission setting.

Volvo at the drag races
had a rough night at the track, between the trans not being able to do a w0t shift due to to low of a rev limiter and the not being able to launch the car wi...

Drag Boat Racing! - Hot Rod Unlimited Episode 22
On this episode of Hot Rod Unlimited, Mike Finnegan takes us for a drive on the wild side as he helps amateur drag boat racer Jeff Conrad compete in the 9.00...

Deere vs Cat - Loader drag race
Deere 744K versus CAT 966H. Had I not talked to the operators myself after seeing this, I wouldn't have believed it myself. Check this out!!

LS7 Turbo Fd Rx7 vs LSX Turbo Volvo
Salinas Racing & West Coast 1320 12 car shoot Race#2 Round #1 South bay hit men Lsx Trubo Volvo vs Nor-cal 530 Streets Turbo Ls7 Fd Rx7 http://instagram.com/...

Volvo 544 SPORT te koop bij VOLVO KLASSIEKERS / DRIES BAKKENES in Barneveld
Prachtige 544 SPORT met LPG, 123 GT velgen, gangsterkappa enz. Hele mooie auto!!


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