Volkswagen Vanagon Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Vanagon Racing
This is a video I've had in my collection for years. I didn't see it anywhere else on youtube so I uploaded it. This one is from the same event, but shorter and from ...

Vanagon-S at the track
Woodburn "Bug In" 2005, First beating a quick Corrado (Repoman), then beating a Turbo VR6 , syncro vanagon.

Quickest VW Air Cooled Bus in Europe - 11.422 @ 117mph
2016 Big Bang at Santa Pod Raceway. Outlaw Flat Four Racer Phil Jarvis in his 2387cc 443bhp nitrous powered split screen panel van - The Fire Bus, put in 3 ...

530hp Porsche 993 Bi-Turbo powered Volkswagen T1 "Race-Taxi" in Action!!
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VW Vanagon racing
Vanagon racing at sonoma raceway for 24 hours of LeMons race.

COOLEST VW Bus Ever Built!?!?
Behind door #1 is…a Big Block Bus? with Nitrous? Labor bed handles? A boat engine? These are our favorite cars, 100% resourceful ingenuity and creativity!

VW Caravelle T3 with V8 Twin Turbo - 1200hp / 1500Nm
Stein Arne Lindvall, the owner and builder of this fantastic car, take us for a spin from Porsgrunn to Horten. Here is some short clips from the ride.. Turn up the ...

DoogieLabs Vanagon SVX first day at the track
This is my EG33 swapped Vanagon out at the track for the first time. I averaged 17 seconds for the day then when eliminations started I made it through the first ...

Mercedes 500 SL Vs VW Bus T3 ???
More hardcore action from the 2011 VW Bus Tuning Treffen at Hockenheim Ring. The last few seconds show just how fast the W12 T3 bus really is !!! Put this in ...

Porsche powered VW Combi Drag run compilation at Willowbank TnT
Compilation video of some Drag runs from the Porsche Mech injection 2.7 Litre 6 cyl powered Combi.

Awesome split window VW Bus Dragrace
Amazing dragrace with two aircooled Volkswagen busses. One is even a Barndoor! Dragstrip: circuit Spa Francorchamps, Belgium. Sunday july 25th 2010.

Vanagon Greasel beats Toyota in street race...."The Movie".
VW Vanagon Greasel, races Toyota sports car in street race and wins.