Volkswagen Scirocco Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Volkswagen Scirocco Drag (Original Video)
0-400m | 8.181 @ 281.09 km | 1100HP. Sliven Drag Racing 2014 (Bulgaria). Клипът е качен в същият ден в който е сниман!

World's fastest VW Scirocco GT-R by Heed Auto !
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Drag Race: Modified VW Scirocco R vs Stock VW Golf 7 R
Have you ever been driving your 188kW Volkswagen Scirocco R and decided that it just wasn't quick enough? Well, that's exactly what happened to our friendly ...

VW Scirocco R Race Car, Pure Sound
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VW SCIROCCO 8.181" @ 281.09KM/H by HEED-AUTO
This run took place in Sliven, Bulgaria on 11th of October 2014 and on a barely prepped landing strip. The car did 0-18m in 1.349"! Driver: Martin Nikolov Tuner: ...

2014 Bug Jam 28 - 750+BHP AWD 20v Turbo MK1 Scirocco - 8.99 @ 150mph
2014 Bug Jam 28 at Santa Pod Raceway. Paul Jordan in the ADE Tuning Mk1 VW Scirocco AWD - 20v Turbo with nitrous running an 8.99 @ 150mph.

VW SCIROCCO vs OPEL CORSA Drag Racing Campia Turzii 2016

Porsche Panamera GTS vs VW Scirocco 1.4 Turbo Kompressor
Drag Racing Moldova 2016. Stage 1. Porsche Panamera GTS vs VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI (Turbo Kompressor) drag race. Thanks for watching and don't miss to ...

VW Sciroco 1.4 TSi vs Honda Civic 1.5 atmo drag race
Drag Racing Moldova 2016. Stage 1. Honda Civic 1.5 atmo 170 HP vs Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI 160 HP (Turbo-Kompressor and Je Design aero kit) drag ...

Heed Auto team VW Scirocco GTR new record 8.579 @ Sliven Drag Racing 2014
1000+hp RB26 powered VW Scirocco sets a new national record in the Bulgarian National Drag Racing Championship.

USC 2016 - VW Scirocco R - 1/4 Mile 13.69 @ 107.53
Ultimate Street Car 2016 at Santa Pod Raceway. Cool looking Scirocco R having a go up the strip at USC and running a very quick 13.69 @ 107.53mph. Please ...

Tulcea Drag Racing VW Scirocco vs Honda Civic
Tulcea Drag Racing