Volkswagen Scirocco Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Volkswagen Scirocco vs. Audi 90 quattro Drag
Sliven Drag Racing 2014 (Bulgaria).

Volkswagen Scirocco Drag (Original Video)
0-400m | 8.181 @ 281.09 km | 1100HP. Sliven Drag Racing 2014 (Bulgaria). Клипът е качен в същият ден в който е сниман!

Drag Race: Modified VW Scirocco R vs Stock VW Golf 7 R
Have you ever been driving your 188kW Volkswagen Scirocco R and decided that it just wasn't quick enough? Well, that's exactly what happened to our friendly ...

VW Scirocco TSI vs Su Vtec Drag Race

VW SCIROCCO 8.181" @ 281.09KM/H by HEED-AUTO
This run took place in Sliven, Bulgaria on 11th of October 2014 and on a barely prepped landing strip. The car did 0-18m in 1.349"! Driver: Martin Nikolov Tuner: ...

HEED-AUTO VW Scirocco 646whp // Kondofrey Drag Challenge
Inside this Scirocco beats the heart of an Audi TT 1.8lt. HEED-AUTO tuned this project car for drag purposes only and now it produces 646whp. This video ...

VW Scirocco R Race Car, Pure Sound
Facebook page: Twitter page: Google+ page: Event: CER, ...

Heed Auto team VW Scirocco GTR new record 8.579 @ Sliven Drag Racing 2014
1000+hp RB26 powered VW Scirocco sets a new national record in the Bulgarian National Drag Racing Championship.

Volkswagen Golf MK7 vs Volkswagen Scirocco Sprint Drag Racing
Volkswagen Golf MK7 vs Volkswagen Scirocco Sprint Drag Racing NOTE - ROAD RACING IS DANGEROUS AND MAY CAUSE INJURIES TO YOU AND ...

HEED-AUTO GRAY SCIROCCO 7.973" @ 282.61Km/h | Autokinisimag
Tuner: HEED-AUTO Driver: Martin Nikolov Track: Kondofrey (BG) Car: VW Scirocco (body) Engine: rb26det Weight: 1203kg E/T: 7.973" Trap Speed: 282.61Km/h ...

Su Vtec vs VW Scirocco TSI Drag Race

VW Scirocco GTR - Fastest Car in Bulgaria - 8,579 @ 1/4 mile
The fastest drag car in Bulgaria setting a new record - 8579 sec @ 1/4 mile. VW Scirocco, powered by a ~1000 hp Nissan RB26DET engine! by Heed Auto ...