Volkswagen Lupo Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

USC 2016 - Dubshack Racing VW Lupo and VW Mk4 Golf - 10.5 & 10.9
Ultimate Street Car at Santa Pod Raceway. The Dubshack Racing VW Lupo and VW MK4 Golf were both out on the track for the FWD Drag Series, putting is ...

VW LUPO 1.9TDI 393HP+NOS - 10.738" @ 210.17KM/H | Autokinisimag
This race took place in Sliven, Bulgaria on 13-14 June 2015. It was the second race of the Bulgarian dragster championship of the year 2015. For videos of the ...

VW Lupo R32 Turbo Drag Racer POWER KICKDOWN ACCELERATION vs Audi BiTurbo Race Rennen
VW Lupo R32 Turbo UNBELIEVABLE - He still WON after that BAD Start!

VW Golf 4 Wagon 1.8 Turbo vs VW Lupo GTI - Drag race 2016 Striben-Randers - VW Battle
Filmed by Balauta Ionatan Thumb by

Drag Racing Tulcea VW Lupo vs Audi A3 T
Drag Racing Tulcea

Sliven Drag 2013g. (Sunday) - Class Street Diesel - VW LUPO 1.9TDI (IFIDIK) vs BMW 335D

CLASS STREET DIESEL - Kondofrey 13-9-2015 | Autokinisimag
Class STREET DIESEL from the second drag race in Kondofrey 2015. This was the 3rd out of total 4 races of the Bulgarian Dragster Championship series for the ...

580bhp Mk6 R20 TFSI Engine VW Lupo - 9.93 @ 138mph
2016 VW Action at Santa Pod Raceway. Van Vught Tuning in their 580bhp, 650nm R20 Engined VW Lupo had several 10.0 runs over the weekend, but its first ...

Drag Racing Tulcea 2013-Vw Lupo-Audi 80

DubShack Racing 650bhp 1.8 20VT VW Lupo - 11.19 @ 126mph
DubShack Racing's first run out in their new VW Lupu, which is running a 1.8 20VT engine pushing 650bhp @ 30psi. First run of the day was an 11.66, followed ...

550+ BHP Volkswagen Lupo - 10.03 at 139 mph
Van Vught Tuning Lupo broke into the 9s earlier in the day but didn't manage another 9 second pass for me to capture one on film! - VW Action 2016 You can ...

664bhp VW Quattro Lupo drag race VWDRC Gti International
Watch Samir Lukac in his 4wd vw Lupo go down the strip at Shakespeare County Raceway this weekend at Gti international. This car was custom remapped by ...