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554 WHP - FASTEST TSI JETTA - USP "Project Madonna" 2012 MKVI Jetta - 10.99 @ 129 mph
http://www.RoadTestTV.com USP's 2012 Jetta GLI TSI puts down 554 whp and breaks the 10 second barrier by running a 10.99 @ 129 mph.

Vw Jetta Mk4 Vs Mk5 Drag Race 1.8T vs 2.0T
Epic Vw Jetta Mk4 vs Jetta Mk5 Drag Race... Roll at 100kmh or 60mph Mk4: 2011 Jetta GLI Classic Stage 2+ Mk5: 2006 Jetta (Bora) GLI Stage 2 Both cars loaded ...

Jetta vs. S2000 Drag Racing
stock jetta vs stock s2000. just exhaust on both. Please comment!

Audi 80 Coupe Turbo Vs. VW Jetta Drag Race HD
http://www.1000hp.eu http://www.facebook.com/1000HP.EU https://twitter.com/1000HPEU 2013 - 05 - 11 [Hungary - Écs - RábaRing]

Old VW Jetta Drag Racing - 1/4 mile 17.262 seconds
For Auto Diagnostics please visit http://www.diagnostic-world.com/

German Racewars 2014 VW Jetta VR6 Drag Race HD
German Racewars 2014 Season Open ---------------------------------------- VW Jetta VR 6 Drag Race Eisenach Kindel Flugplatz ---------------------------------...

VW Jetta 1.8T vs Silverado 2500 HD 1/4 Mile Drag Race
nice run between a Volkswagen jetta 1.8 Turbo and a Big chevy silverado HD diesel crew cab. For a big truck that chevy realy hauls ass. run took place a cayu...

VW Jetta Blows engine in drag race
VW Jetta Blows engine in drag race VW Jetta Blows engine in drag race VW Jetta Blows engine in drag race.

Dodge Ram Hemi Vs. VW Jetta 2.0T Drag Race
Unknown mods on both cars. Maple Grove Raceway, PA ---For new frequent car videos, Subscribe to our Youtube channel--- Subscribe: http://youtube.com/subscrip...

1998 vw jetta vr6 drag race 1/4
Vr6 drag race No burn out because blown motor mount And did not drop the clutch. Rolled off the line TT chip Straight pipe from the cat K&N intake 93.6 mph 1...

My 2000 VW Jetta TDI Drag Race
100 ft drags, personally I think i would have done better with a longer track but oh well. I had no say in how long it would be. This is my first time drag r...

2002 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8t Drag Racing
First time drag racing, lots of wheel spin, not a very good time, nonetheless here is the video.


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