Victory V92C Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

victory vegas race
Drag racing my 2004 vegas against my fathers 2001 v92c victory. I'm running 7.9's on pump gas closer to low to mid 7's on pure turbo blue..118 octane.

Victory vs Harley Two
HC shows one of the Harleys some tail light.

My Son-In-Law (Kev's) new bike.
Just got him a 2001 Victory V92c motorcycle. A quick walkaround.

Stock 100 Cube Victory smashes 110 Cube Screamin' Eagle Harley
A little horseplay between brands... This video shows a fairly stock 2007 Victory Vegas Jackpot 100 CI lining up against a 2007 Harley Davidson Screamin' ...

Checking Circuit Breaker on a Victory Motorcycle
A common problem and a simple solution. I replace with Buss Buss CBC-40HB.

Victory Wheelie V92c
Here I am doing a wheelie on the cruiser. Video is boring until 3:45 or so. Notice the wheelie into second, goes around 350ft.

The Vic Shop - Freedom Motor Swap
The more I watch the video, the more minor details I see I missed, but this covers the bulk of swapping a Freedom motor into your old 1999-2001 Victory "C" and ...

This is one of 2 Victory's I own. This V92C has 402 Andrews cams and Sampson drag pipes also to keep the fuel right is a PowerCommander3 unit.It gets up fast ...

Victory Drag Pipe Sound
Victory drag pipe sound clip.

2006 Victory King Pin 100ci
Quick overview and testing of a 2006 Victory King Pin with 100ci engine. Check out our website for more info:

Witchdoctor How to adjust a clutch cable on a Victory motorcycle
This "How To" video from shows you how to adjust your clutch cable on a Victory Motorcycle. Witchdoctors stocks a wide selection of Barnett ...

victory vegas wheelie
me doing a wheelie on my victory.