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Vauxhall Zafira Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

BMW E36 328i Touring vs Opel Zafira OPC
Viertelmeile Rennen bei der Speednation 2008 in Großenhain. (a quartermile race at the speednation 2008 in großenhain/sachsen/germany.)

Opel Astra g vs Bmw 323 ci 1/4 mile Brilon drag racing part 1 (16,16 vs 17,43 )
Brilon 01.10.2011 EFR Germany.

Fiat Punto HGT Vs. Opel Corsa Turbo Drag Race HD
http://www.1000hp.eu http://www.facebook.com/1000HP.EU.

OPEL ASTRA F vs YAMAHA R6 STREET RACING https://www.facebook.com/DRAG.BG?fref=ts.

Opel Corsa OPC Turbo Drag Race
Opel Corsa OPC Turbo Drag Race.

Honda Civic ESI Turbo Vs. Opel Astra OPC Drag Race 1/4 Mile
http://www.1000hp.eu Follow Us On FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/1000HP.EU Hungary - Tököl [2008 - 05 - 31] 1/4 Mile.

opel zafira tourer concept Geneva Motorshow 2011
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BMW 330 ci SMG II (2003) (smg mode on) vs. OPEL ASTRA OPC (2010)
BMW 330 ci SMG II (2003) (smg mode on) vs. OPEL ASTRA OPC (2010) 0 - 200km/h DRAG TURKEY ANKARA both stock.

Vauxhall (Opel) Astra 1.9 CDTi (EDS Remap) vs BMW 320d (Remap)
My Opel Astra 1.9 CDTi with EDS Remap having a run at the Opel Drag Racing event in Satu Mare. The opponent was a remapped BMW 320d. The Astra wins.

Loud!! Opel Zafira Phonocar by Boccolucci Hi Fi Car al Raduno Audio - Tuning della città di Amatrice
Opel Zafira demo Boccolucci Hi Fi Car (Roma) al raduno Audio - Tuning organizzato da Arca Competition con categorie alta efficenza dbj - spl ufficiali db dra...

Thanos Astra H OPC Lamia Drag Day

Opel Zafira raduno Audio-Tuning Capena 2013 - Boccolucci Hi Fi Car (Roma)
Opel zafira Phonocar al raduno audio-tuning di Capena 2013 - Boccolucci hi fi car Componenti: 4 12" Phonocar spl - 4 Ph260d Phonocar - 8 8" Hertz sv200l spl ...


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