Vauxhall Nova Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Vauxhall nova drag race vs 500 bhp tigra

Vauxhall Nova C20LET runs 11.72 at 120 mph
Nova Mk2 - C20LET AWD Powered - Shakespeare County Raceway Like the Facebook Page - Follow me on Twitter ...

Opel Corsa Turbo CRAZY 1/4 Mile Drag Race Acceleration 10,1 SEC Beschleunigungsrennen Crazy
Opel corsa Quarter Mile = 10,1 Sek !!!

PVS @ Santapod Raceway.

Uk's quickest Vauxhall Nova 10.9 Santa Pod (10 second)
Vauxhall Nova V6 N/A + Nitrous (no turbo - no supercharger) UK's quickest FWD N/A motor First UK Nova to run 10's First VX V6 to run 10's.

Ferrari F360 Modena vs Vauxhall Nova
which will win the drag?

Vauxhall Nova v. Honda Civic - 1/4 mile drag race - Santa Pod Raceway
A Vauxhall Nova and a Honda Civic doing a 1/4 mile drag race at Santa Pod Raceway on the 14th May 2012.

Twin engined 4WD Vauxhall Nova at PVS 2013
Regal auto sports twin engined nova racing the quarter mile at Santa Pod Raceway. The car is powered by x2 C20LET engines.

USC 2016 - Vauxhall Nova GTE - 1/4 Mile 11.0 @ 128mph
Ultimate Street Car 2016 at Santa Pod Raceway. One fast Vauxhall Nova GTE running the 1/4 mile in 11.0 @ 128mph. (engine spec and mods unknown) Please ...

Vauxhall Nova 2.0 16v - Santa Pod Drag strip PVS 2009
Time was 14.0892 @ 101.48MPH - Me running my 2.0 16v C20 XE Nova up Santa Pods Quarter Mile drag strip at the Performance Vauxhall Show 2009.

Subaru Impreza VS Vauxhall Nova Turbo
Subaru Impreza WRX VS Vauxhall Nova Turbo.Subaru WRX by 07506689007.

C20LET Vauxhall Nova runs 12.01 at 121 mph
AWD Vauxhall Nova - Santa Pod Raceway - Retro Show 2015 Like the Facebook Page - Follow me on Twitter ...