Triumph TR8 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Triumph TR8 4.4 Drag Race 1/4 mile
Drag racing near Indiana PA for The Roadster Factory summer party 2012. Car ran 12.87 @ 112.

2014 Westfalen Trophy IMSA TR8 BRAVO / YTCC Race 1
BRAVO / YTCC race 1 Track half wet at the beginning and some oil spill on the last laps.

Triumph TR8 vs MGB GT Drag Race
Drag Race clip of a MGB GT 4.6lt and a Triumph TR8 4.6lt at the Maryland British Car Day 2011. TR8 ran a 12.8 and MGB ran a 13.0.

BAD8 1980 Triumph TR8 300HP Drag Race
The Wedge Shop bringing you BAD8 running mid 12's in the 1/4 mile @ New England Dragway September 9th 2015. Run was made on street tires with air ...

1980 Triumph TR8 Drag race 12.58
Bad 8 at the drags for the annual Roadster summer party 2009. Drove 600 miles down Took home fastest TR8 title and drove 600 miles home. We once again ...

Triumph TR8 4.4lt Rover V8 Drag Race
Lanocha Racing 4.4lt Rover V8 in a Triumph TR8. Car went 12.2 at the 75/80 Dragway near Frederick, MD.

Group 44 TR8 at Lime Rock Vintage Races
They don't call it the British Corvette for nothing.

BAD8 goes 12.63! Triumph TR8 1/4 mile drags BAD8 goes 12.63 @113mph even after missing 4th gear. New England Dragway September 2015.

Triumph TR7V8 vs TR8 Drag Race - built by The Wedge Shop
Triumph TR8 Drag Race - Rover 3.9 vs Rover 4.9. Both built by

Triumph TR8 Drag Race Part 2
Another battle from boys. You can see the stats and specs of these cars on our website.Right lane runs 13.01, Left lane runs 14.2 ...

12 second Triumph TR8 Drag Race. In Car View

Triumph TR8 Drag Race - Rover 3.5 vs Rover 4.9