Triumph Spitfire Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Triumph Spitfire VS Porsche 914 epic battle Auto Club Speedway
Triumph Spitfire battles Vintage Porsche 914 at Auto Club Speedway with SVRA

Cabrio Drag Race - Triumph Spitfire vs Mini One | GEWINNSPIEL AUFLÖSUNG | Jazzy Into Cars
Cabrio Drag Race - Triumph Spitfire vs Mini One | GEWINNSPIEL AUFLÖSUNG | Jazzy Into Cars Der Triumph Spitfire 1500 aus 1979 tritt gegen den MINI One im Cabrio Drag Race an. ALT gegen NEU!...

1977 Triump Spitfire 1500 Drag Race
Pittsburgh Raceway Pennsylvania Drag Race.

Spa Classic Track Laps May 2015 - Triumph Spitfire
Track Laps of the Spa Francorchamps Circuit in a modified Triumph Spitfire (2 Litre Straight 6 Conversion)

Triumph Spitfire - 1965 Le Mans 24hrs (19th June 1965)
Spitfires at Le Mans (1965) June 19th 1965 From the Standard Triumph archives Commentary by Raymond Baxter This is a promotional film produced by the Standard Triumph...

Triumph Spitfire, Vitesse Racing at Snetterton
This is me racing my spitfire no.19 at Snetterton Race Circuit in 1991. TLD white Vitesse and Kevin Ginger's white Spitfire amongst others.

Triumph Spitfire Race Car
My Bro and friend working on their race car. The video does not show just how insane LOUD this thing is.

New Car! Meet “The Bruiser” Race Car Project…
In today's vlog I introduce you to my new spectator drag race car project that I will be working on over the winter: a 79 Chevy Monte Carlo w/ a built small block chevy 355.

James coopers racing spitfire 1500 at moss
via YouTube Capture.

Triumph Billy drag racing Smoke out 9 #1
Triumph Billy at Smoke Out 9 in North Carolina 6/21/08.

70 mph TYEE Weave! Spit6*V8*427 Cobra*Ariel*Allard
Amazing 70 mph maneuver*Brits Autox Touring See & Hear More@

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tr6 bad day.