Triumph Spitfire Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Triumph Spitfire at SCCA June Sprints
June Sprints at Road America. The Spitfire passing a GTL CRX. A great battle of drag races was had by these two during the race.

Triumph Spitfire Race Car
My Bro and friend working on their race car. The video does not show just how insane LOUD this thing is.

Triumph Spitfire - 1965 Le Mans 24hrs (19th June 1965)
Spitfires at Le Mans (1965) June 19th 1965 From the Standard Triumph archives Commentary by Raymond Baxter This is a promotional film produced by the ...

Triumph Spitfire MK4 with Racing Code ECU
Stand alone ECU on Triumph Spitfire MK4 , ECU build by Racing Code, Carburetor to EFI conversion TBI Injection, MAP sensor.

1977 Triump Spitfire 1500 Drag Race
Pittsburgh Raceway Pennsylvania Drag Race.

Ryan Kristoff Waterford May2015 Sunday Feature Race
REK Racing #46 F-Production SCCA Triumph Spitfire at Waterford Hills Road Racing for weekend Race 1 May 3rd, 2015. Ryan Kristoff starts from 5th on the ...

Triumph Spitfire, Vitesse Racing at Snetterton
This is me racing my spitfire no.19 at Snetterton Race Circuit in 1991. TLD white Vitesse and Kevin Ginger's white Spitfire amongst others.

Nina-Dad Triumph Spitfire Autocross Racing video
Rich Torres autocrossing.

Triumph Spitfire Racing
Autocrossing a modified Triumph Spitfire with ASNW. Sadly later that day the car rolled because of a faulty made racing axle.

1980 Triumph TR8 Drag race 12.58
Bad 8 at the drags for the annual Roadster summer party 2009. Drove 600 miles down Took home fastest TR8 title and drove 600 miles home. We once again ...

Triumph spitfire 1500 1977 Powerbrakes Overdrive -VIDEO-
Interested in this car? Please visit -------------------------------------------------------- Triumph ...

1500cc Triumph Spitfire Chassis Dyno Pull
Newcomer Racing customers 1977 Triumph Spitfire Chassis Dyno, Modified Original 1500cc Dual SU's W/Coated Header, Ported Head and Intake, Reground ...