Trabant S2 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Audi S2 Coupe Vs. Trabant Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - HungaroRing [2008 - 04 - 25] 1/8 Mile.

Drag racing Trabant (5.7ltr 350ci chevy V8 powered)
NC Engineerings Trabant runs a best ET of 13.574 and best mph 102.69 on its first shakedown weekend. Check out the build up pictures ...

Trabant Brutal 2 stroke drag race

Trabant 601 Turbo Diesel 180hp Sound & Acceleration
Trabant 601 Deluxe with brutal Turbo Diesel Tuning (TDI engine 180HP). Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleleration TV channel. I have filmed this ultimate ...

Trabant 1.6 Vs. Seat Leon 1.8 Turbo Drag Race [1/4 Mile] Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - KiskunLacháza [2008 - 04 - 20]

Trabant race 1984 トラバントレース

Trabant 1.6 Vs. Lexus IS 200 Drag Race [1/4 Mile] Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - 2007 - 09 - 08-09 [KiskunLacházi Gyorsulási Verseny És Red ...

Polski Fiat vs. Turbo Trabant dragrace
Polski Fiat 126p with 903cc Fiat engine, against Trabant 601 equipped with 903cc turbo Fiat engine. Small cars, great fun. :)

Trabbi dragrace
ik in een dikke Trabant tegen een andere Trabant.

Fiat Uno Turbo Vs. Trabant Turbo Drag Race 1/4 Mile Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - Tököl [2008 - 05 - 31] 1/4 Mile.

trabant 2.2 turbo
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Trabant 1.1 drag
my Trabant 1.1 with some modifications. The road was pretty shitty so I had to slow down at the end:)