Toyota Tercel Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Crazy Tercel Greenz
Stag Drag Fest Grenada 2011.

1989 Toyota Tercel Drag Racing

Toyota Tercel vs Ford Mustang - Drag Race
My friends's Tercel against a highly modified Mustang FestiDrag Mont-Joli 2015.

Toyota Tercel vs Honda Civic - Drag Race
Here's my friend's Tercel against a Honda Civic Tercel's Mods : Air filter, drop and street tires Civic's mods : Unknown FestiDrag Mont-Joli 2015.

Nastyness 2JZ Tercel - Problems @ TTUNDRA Drag #2 2013
Nastyness 2JZ Tercel - Problems @ TTUNDRA Drag #2 2013.

Bruno racing Tercel
Toyota tercel with 5efe trubo new PT5557 turbo with some upgrade and stock internals with new tune @27psi and a MTlt10s onboard tuned by Bellotech.

Nyce1s - Big Boy Racing's 2JZ Powered Toyota Corolla @ Englishtown!!
Here is a look at Big Boy Racing's 2JZ Powered Toyota Corolla. They recently ran a personal best at Englishtown during a test n tune session. This car was able ...

ROTARY Toyota RIDES The Wheelie Bars - INSANE Drag Car!
When the Wheelie bars are as long as the cars wheel base, you can expect it to get WILD. These Starlet's are INSANE skating down the strip of Maryland ...

Nyce1s - El Humilde 2JZ Toyota Corolla @ Pan American Nationals Atco 2014...
Here is a video of the El Humilde 2JZ Powered Toyota Corolla from the Pan American Nationals 2014. This car is coming back to the United States from Puerto ...

Nanciely Lopez Racing's '82 Toyota Starlet powered by a Mazda 13B Rotary 88mm Turbo and piloted by Daniel Lopez at RT66 Friday Night Test n Tune first run ...

07' Shelby GT 350 vs. Toyota Tercel w/wheelie bars
1/8th Mile Drag Race, Immokalee Raceway.

White Tercel @ TTASA Drag Event #2 March 2017