Toyota Starlet Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

WORLD RECORD Rotary Powered Toyota Starlet!!!
Would you ride in a 2100lb car that was capable of almost 200mph in 1/4mi? Watch this rotary powered Starlet get WILD as it skates around the Maryland ...

Nanciely Lopez Racing's '82 Toyota Starlet powered by a Mazda 13B Rotary 88mm Turbo and piloted by Daniel Lopez at RT66 Friday Night Test n Tune first run ...

ROTARY Toyota RIDES The Wheelie Bars - INSANE Drag Car!
When the Wheelie bars are as long as the cars wheel base, you can expect it to get WILD. These Starlet's are INSANE skating down the strip of Maryland ...

Toyota Mr2 3SGTE 1000hp PSI Racing Drag Starlet
A quick video of our drag starlet finally breaking the 1000hp mark to the wheels. 3S powered at about 43PSI, stay tuned for track testing next..

Toyota Starlet rotary vs. turbo Civic Ek drag race
A rotary swapped Toyota Starlet racing a turbo'd Civic on drag radials from a dig.

Mustang vs Turbo Starlet (Drag Race)
Antigua Drag Racing.

Toyota Starlet GT Turbo vs Bmw E92 Coupe Cabrio - Drag race 2016 Striben-Randers - Brutal Launch
Toyota Starlet GT Turbo vs Bmw E92 Coupe Cabrio 330 - Drag race 2016 Striben-Randers - Brutal Launch Filmed by Balauta Ionatan Thumb by ...

Zisco Toyota Starlet runs 8.93 at 152 mph - World Record Pass!
Christopher Muscat - 1.3L Toyota Starlet - Hal Far Raceway - Malta Europes 5th Fastest FWD Car - Malta's Fastest FWD Car Like the Facebook Page ...

Iyani Racing 13B Starlet | UnikDragPhotos

Toyota Starlet - 10.68 @ 140mph
In an effort to run quicker Rick's EP91 Toyota Starlet is now sporting a set of wheelie / traction bars. A roll cage by LMS has also been installed. The street driven ...

10 sec // Dragster beast 600 hp -- Toyota starlet ep70 -- AWD -- street legal
Street legal Toyota Starlet gt ep70 -- AWD -- drag race, 600+ Hp! Is it, gsxr killer car?

Big Turbo 13B Starlet rips off mid 8s at IFO!
13B Rotary swapped Toyota Starlet goes mid 8s at Import Face Off Atco, Nj.