Toyota Solara Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

World Wide Racing Solara 7.08@191
2nd full pass in the 1/4 mile with a 1.04 60ft 2JZGTE motor 2spd auto trans.

solara drag car
toyota solara drag car 2jz powered 7 sec pass bmp 8/12/06.

Mustang GT vs Toyota Solara | 1/4 Mile Drag Race
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supercharged toyota solara drag racing irwindale other guy red lighted
me drag racing.

Toyota Solara Drag Race Mike
SolaraGuy, Tri-State Dragway Mini Meet.

Bullish Racing Solara
Built of the Bullish Racing Solara twins.

07 17 04 Pro RWD Final AEM civc VS Streetglow Solara
Race of the century.

Toyota Solara Turbo Drag Race Tacti
SolaraGuy, Tri-State Dragway Mini Meet. More at

World Wide Racing Solara 2JZGTE 7.08@191

350Z vs. Solara
Now for an even run. Patrick in my car now and all the weight in my back (tools, cleaning supplies, golf clubs, jack)allowed him to come back on me. All excuses ...

Cressida Turbo vs Solara Supercharged
Turbo Cressida vs Supercharged Solara Challenging ToyosolV6 to a drag race.

IS250 vs. Solara | GOPRO
Left Lane: Ramesh's 2010 Lexus IS250 6MT Stock 204hp 1/4 Mile - 16.280 seconds @ 86mph Right Lane: Karam's 2001 Toyota Solara 5MT Aluminum ...