Toyota Soarer Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Toyota Soarer Drag race
twin turbo.

9 second TURBO Lexus SC300!
This car got us through Rocky Mountain Race Week with it's incredible turbo noises, trailer-pulling burnouts, and breakdowns all along the way. We're sure the ...

8-second 2JZ Soarer
Mark's Toyota Soarer street car hits the blacktop at Calder Park. The 2JZ is aided by a HKS T51R turbocharger, MoTeC E85 fuel system and tuned by D'Annello ...

Supra vs Soarer drag racing
Sport nigt racing.

Toyota Soarer Drag race 2
eastern creek.

First Drag Race Sc400 vs Soarer
(camera in car) SC400 NA V8 1UZ-FE Vs Toyota Soarer 1JZ GTE Twin Turbo @ Thunder Mountain Race Way Ain't no replacement for displacement folks :D.

Toyota Soarer 1jz at the drags.
Cory was out testing a new turbo combo on his stock bottom end 1JZ and went 8.8 on the 1st full pass. Well done to all involved and congratulations on the new ...

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toyota soarer drag
Toyota Soarer drag at masterton gt3540 turbo 400 plus hp 12.7.

Toyota Soarer vs Honda Civic | Drag

soarer HKS drags
my soarer at the local 1/8 drag meet.

AJ 1/4 mile drag FTO v Soarer