Toyota RAV4 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Stock 2008 RAV4 V6 AWD Drag Racing 15.0@92 mph
Made it to the finals in my stock RAV4 lost to a 350z on slicks 15.0@92 five30 import drags redding dragstrip PIPnorcali 2016 530 import drags.

Colorado Saturday Night Racing: Audi vs. Toyota RAV4
( ) On this TFLcar POV video, We bring you a unique and thrilling race between an Audi and a Toyota RAV4 as part of the TFLcar Saturday ...

PIP RAV4 Solo Run Five30 Import Drags 2016
Qualifying Round 1.

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE Slalom Footage
Footage of the new 2016 Toyota RAV4 SE showing off its agility on the autocross course at the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. Video footage by ...

2JZ Powered Toyota Pickup Truck VS SRT-6 AMG, M3 Supercharged, and Terminator Cobra
Here is this amazing 2JZ Powered Toyota Pickup Truck VS SRT-6 AMG, M3 Supercharged, and Terminator Cobra. 2JZ-GTE STOCK LONG BLOCK!!! Precision ...

Dragging The Rav4
Ok... so it might have flipped really sideways, and got drug alot. But still. And then, yes, me and Brandon might have scrapped it last saturday. But still, it would ...

S Bracket Semi Finals Five30 Import Drags 2016
PIP RAV4 Bye------------PIP RAV4 Civic vs------------350z 350z.

Toyota Celica Taxopoulos Vs Toyota RAV4 Drag day lamia

GT-R vs RAV4: Raw Footage
Pretty surprising. The GTR Managed low 12s and the Rav-4 Stuck around the low 14s. Took me off guard for sure.

PIP RAV4 vs FNC Civic Five30 Import Drags 2016
Qualifying Round 2.

Escudo VS Rav4 VS Delica, Rare & Hillarious 4x4 Race at Tsukuba Circuit
4X4 Race in the Golden era Suzuki Escudo VS Toyota Rav4 VS Mitsubishi Delica at Tsukuba Circuit.

Toyota Mr2 3SGTE 1000hp PSI Racing Drag Starlet
A quick video of our drag starlet finally breaking the 1000hp mark to the wheels. 3S powered at about 43PSI, stay tuned for track testing next..