Toyota Matrix Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Toyota matrix vs Mazda 3
Toyota matrix xr almost stock ( unorthodox pulley kit,aem cai, smaller tires and no rear seats ) STARTS 1 CAR BEHIND vs mazda3 gt with cai and exhaust ...

Toyota Matrix S on the 1/4 mile
Tareq's Matrix S running the 1/4. He ran a 16.7 @ 83mph.

Napierville Defi CFCRS 2011 - A4 Quattro vs Matrix XRS (Run 1)
A4 Quattro vs Matrix XRS.

8 Second Toyota Corolla! Crazy FAST!
Chino's 3SGTE powered '87 Corolla just broke a new personal record. Screaming down the track at 158mph and clicking off an 8.8. The setup on this car works!

#91 Corolla XRS ('05-'06) vs Matrix XRS race 2
This video is taken from this site ...

BR green RX7 vs Matrix
CSCS, oct 6th 2007 drag racing,

Backyard Turbo - 03 Matrix XR-T vs Magnum RT
03 Matrix XR GT28R Turbo 400cc Injectors Greddy Emanage/E-01 10psi -vs- Magnum RT Custom CAI Jet Chip.

Toyota 86 vs Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo drag race
Toyota 86 GTS vs Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo in friendly drag race. Head over to ...


New Drag Race (Kenny vs. Donna) HAHAHA
Kennys 4 banger S-10 vs My moms 2005 Toyota Matrix haha.

supercharged vs. supercharged vs. xrs matrix
pretty good vid but not mine.

2000 Toyota Celica vs Super charged Toyota Matrix
Irwindale Drag Strip.