Toyota Matrix Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Toyota matrix vs Mazda 3
Toyota matrix xr almost stock ( unorthodox pulley kit,aem cai, smaller tires and no rear seats ) STARTS 1 CAR BEHIND vs mazda3 gt with cai and exhaust ...

A TURBO with a TOYOTA Attached!?
Have you ever seen a 80's HATCHBACK Corolla? Well if you're from the US like we are..probably NOT. Who'd have thunk, that the first one we see would be ...

8 Second Toyota Corolla! Crazy FAST!
Chino's 3SGTE powered '87 Corolla just broke a new personal record. Screaming down the track at 158mph and clicking off an 8.8. The setup on this car works!

PITL 2013 #6 - Toyota Matrix XRS #43

Sleeper turbo toyota corolla the Build Start up and drag race 1zz-fe
1zz-fe 9th gen E130 toyota corolla its got a lotus elise 6 speed transmission, toyota celica shift linkage with a garret gt60 rs turbo charger running 10lbs boost ...

Toyota Matrix S on the 1/4 mile
Tareq's Matrix S running the 1/4. He ran a 16.7 @ 83mph.

PITL 2013 #7 - Toyota Matrix XRS #43

LADA 2108 vs Toyota Voltz
Drag-Racing Khabarovsk Kalinka 2008 stage 1.

Toyota RAV4: Rally 411: Toyota Rally RAV4 featuring Ryan Millen | Toyota
Rally can be a violent and harsh world, it is the testing ground for both a car and its team. Here we take a look at what Rally racing is and get a general overview ...

#92 Corolla XRS ('05-'06) vs Matrix XRS race 3
This video is taken from this site ...

#43 Corolla XRS ('05-'06) vs Scion TC vs Matrix
Corolla XRS vs Scion TC vs Matrix.

The Trix (car edit)
Edit of the Trix Car details: 2007 Toyota Matrix xr 17 inch drag DR- 34 wheels Dual 12-inch XXX subwoofers Magnaflow muffler with aftermarket chrome exhaust ...