Toyota Echo Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

RWD Toyota Echo Drift Car
That's not something you see everyday. A RWD Toyota Echo drift car,powered by a 6.0l lq4 engine. Don't under estimate this little car, it'll rip your a$$ off if you ...

Toyota Echo Turbo 1/4 Mile
The False Prophet's first pass! The plan from here is: - Build forged motor - Source ball bearing equivalent of TD04L or similar - Upgrade fuel system - Re tune ...

Drag MazdaSpeed3 VS Toyota Echo
Drag MazdaSpeed3 VS Toyota Echo St-tite.

Toyota Platz Drift!
A quick video of the awesome Toyota 'drift Platz' from the Black Mark Day event at Nikko Circuit! This SR20-powered grocery getter turned drift weapon has ...

Drag at Pont-Rouge with my Toyota Echo 2005

Drek's Toyota Echo Drag in the 16 sec. 1

V8 swapped Toyota Echo in tandem with a 240sx


megasquirt 1nzfe ITB toyota echo
finally rev up!! big thx to Matt Cramer for all the advices !

7-Iles_Power Echo Win!!!!!!!!!!!!

echo drag racing for those 18 seconds or more.. he is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Honda k20 Toyota leving doing 9.9
with Toyota 3s gear box doing 9.9.