Toyota Carina Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

A TURBO with a TOYOTA Attached!?
Have you ever seen a 80's HATCHBACK Corolla? Well if you're from the US like we are..probably NOT. Who'd have thunk, that the first one we see would be sporting a CRAZY 2JZ swap, capable...

Drag racing : Toyota Mark 2 vs Toyota Carina

Zero8Two Drag War 2013 - Evo 3 vs Toyota Carina

Honda CRX vs Toyota carina

Drag racing :Toyota Carina 3s-gte vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
В Назарово 11 июня 2016 года прошли ежегодные соревнования по драг-рейсингу Adrenalin day. 1 место до 300 л.с. заняла...

JDDA WEST 2013 Final Round TA63 CARINA

VW Golf 2 vs Toyota Carina drag race

Good Vibrations: 1979 Toyota Corona - Wide Body / Engine Swap
I had such an excellent day at Autopolis on the weekend. There were nostalgics screaming down the straight, and there were plenty of amazing cars to see in the pit and paddock; this Corona...

Ford Escort Cosworth vs Toyota Carina E Turbo race

Toyota Carina 2.0 16V - Bravo 1.6 16V Drag

Carina E GTI VS Carina E 2.0

LCC - Braga 2016 #320 José Meireles (Toyota Carina E 2.0 GT-i) Corrida 1
LCC - Braga 2016 #320 José Meireles (Toyota Carina E 2.0 GT-i) Corrida 1.