Toyota 4Runner Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

(HD) Texas_Ace 2000 Toyota 4runner TRD Supercharger 10.68 Sec Drag Race vs Miata
So i finally got my truck to the 1/8th mile drag track and raced an early 90's miata. The truck did pretty well considering. It is still on the stock supercharger pulley only running ~5.5psi...

2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Drag Race ) Which vehicle is faster: the 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro or Jeep Wrangler Rubicon? In this TFLcar drag race we find out. ( ) Please...

Supercharged LS Toyota 4runner vs Built 6.4 Powerstroke drag race
1/4 mile 4wd drag race with my 1990 4runner with a 6.0 LQ4 LS with an LSA supercharger on 40" tires against a highly built Ford 6.4 Powerstroke.

Toyota 4Runner vs Hummer H2 Drag Race: World's Most Hated Truck Ep.2 ) Toyota 4Runner vs Hummer H2 vs Gold Mine Hill vs a Drag Race: World's Most Hated Truck Ep.2 ( ) Please visit to support TFLcar &...

Corvette vs Toyota 4runner on 40's drag race
The 4runner is for sale! 2002 Z06 vs my 1990 Toyota 4runner with a LSA supercharged 6.0 LS, 1 ton axles, and 40" tires. The corvette has a little wheel spin on the wet pavement.

4runner drag strip
4runner at the drag strip 1/4 mile.

2003 Toyota 4Runner destroys Ford Mustang pt. 2

Toyota 4Runner vs Toyota Camry
2006 4runner 4.0 v6 vs 2011 Toyota camry 2.4 4cyl.

TOYOTA 4Runner TRD Supercharged at Turagua Racing
Bomba´s 4Runner with TRD Supercharger 7 psi, TRD Intake, Full Exhaust, Tuned Chip, Methanol and Slicks, testing and Racing at Turagua.

TOYOTA 4Runner TRD Supercharged vs 2 Celicas GTS (Part 2)
Rematch between a TRD Supercharged 4Runner @ 7psi, intake, Borla Exhaust, Tuned by Disrael ¨Kartec¨ vs 2 Toyota Celica GTS (intake, exhaust, chip).

Turkey Drag Car Show 2013.

Extreme Offroad race - Hilux / 4Runner vs UAZ 469 "Mazaalai Cup 2017"
Toyota 4Runner which is named Hilux in Asia rips off the Russian Old schooler SUV UAZ 469. Extreme offroad race.