Tesla Roadster Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Road trip and drag race with the Tesla Roadster Sport
More infos: http://www.technologicvehicles.com/en/actualite-mobilite-verte/936/video-la-tesla-roadster-na-pas-peur-des-super.

Ludicrous Tesla takes down multiple Hellcat Challengers Drag Racing!
Save a $1000 off a Tesla and get free supercharging using http://ts.la/theodore6632 Lucky enough for us we found a cool guy in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat at ...

Tesla Roadster vs Mustang Muscle Car at PIR July 2009

Tesla Model S P85D vs Ferrari F12 1/4 Mile Drag Racing
Watch the Tesla take on a Ferrari F12 down the drag strip. Subscribe to see more: http://goo.gl/ZRnBRR Watch the P100D race a Lamborghini Huracan: ...

Slicks on a Gutted Tesla P100D - Is it Faster!?
Save a $1000 off a Tesla and get free supercharging using http://ts.la/theodore6632 Testing out Drag Radials on a Gutted Tesla Model S P100D. Many people ...

Drag Racing Tesla Roadster (4 in a row)
Pacific Raceways 8/7/09: Four Tesla Roadsters in a row in the right lane racing ICE cars at a 1/4 mile.

Tesla Roadster Wins Four Car Drag Race
A Tesla Roadster pulls out ahead of a Lotus Exige, Porsche GT3, and a Porsche Carrera GT in a four car drag race in Norway. The Roadster took race one, with ...

Tesla Roadster Drag Race with Golf Car
We explain how cool the Tesla Roadster is and then race it against a golf car. Guess which one wins. Check also blog: http://nuon-inc.com/blog/?p=330.

Tesla Roadster at Irwindale Dragstrip
Thursday, September 10th 2009 the first Tesla Roadster participating at the Irwindale Dragstip street car night.

Tesla 2010 Roadster Sport Drag Race vs Chevy, Mustang, and Malibu
http://www.texnet.ca/ I got 3 of the 4 drag races that this Tesla performed at a small airstrip in Sechelt BC, Canada on a 1/8 mile track. He won the first 3.

Tesla Roadster vs Delorean EV

Tesla Roadster drag racing at Bandimere
Tesla...The advantage of not using oxygen to burn a fuel. Bandimere Speedway Morrison, CO Test N Tune 08/25/2010.