Suzuki Samurai Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

10 Second Suzuki Samurai Drag Race! Small Block Chevy POWER! - "EL TRAUMA"
This beast ran in the 10.0 index class at MIR World Cup Finals 2012 and put on a great show! What a fun car to watch. World's fastest suzuki samurai?

Toyota supra vs Suzuki Samurai
Biggies samurai vs BM Supra.

NITROUS Powered Rotary Suzuki Samurai drag race Wheelie, 12 second rotary Import Wars 9/15/12 NEW
Not even sure what kind of car this is but it is a blast to watch! Please comment if you know the car. Turbo Rotary wheelie, pops it up on the 1-2 shift and look ... - The Chevy Samaurai VS M&S Yellow Supra!!!
Here is a recent heads up race between M&S Performance's Supra VS The Chevy Samaurai!! Checkout for more videos!!!

Crazy 9 Second Nitrous Suzuki Samurai | 1/4 mile | HD
BEST Website for car parts: Thanks so much for watching our videos, we appreciate each and every one of you. Like, Comment ...

Suzuki Sidekick Tears Up Midnight Mayhem Running Mid 11s All Night
straight sleeper until it pulls in to the burn out box this suzuki side kick lays down mid 11s all night long at the las vegas motor speedway midnight mayhem.

Suzuki Sierra Drag Race
Mark Tucker - Bush Bogan 4x4 Crew - Suzuki Sierra Drag Race.

1.8 Toyota Turbocharged Alcohol Injected '88 Suzuki Samurai along with Jose Del Valle's aka Polaco Toyota Tacoma 2.4 Turbo Alcohol Injected powered 8 sec.

BOOSTED Suzuki Samurai @ SRMS Orlando Speed World
This dude brought out a unique build to the Street Racing Made Safe event at Orlando Speed World on Jan. 14th. His Suzuki Samurai, running 25psi on a ...

El Transformer Sand Drag k24 Samurai By: All Imports
Sand Drag K24 Jeep Samurai.

I-Streetrace - BM Toyota Supra VS The Chevy Samurai!!!
Here us a recent run between the BM Toyota Supra VS The Chevy Samurai. Checkout it out as these 2 heavy hitter Rear Wheel Drive cars go head to head!

El Coquet Rotary Suzuki Samurai 6.47 @ 102mph, PR World Fastests, Arecibo Motorsports 1-23-2016
El Coquet 6.47 @ 102mph en Pase de Prueba, Puerto Rico World Fastests en Arecibo Motorsports Enero-23-2016.