Suzuki SX4 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Chevy Colorado vs. Suzuki SX4 - DRAG RACE 1/8 Mile
2009 Chevy Colorado 4x4 vs. Suzuki SX4 - Drag Race 1/8 Mile - Guess who wins! Truck - 10.8372 seconds - 64.43mph 1/8 mile Suzuki - 11.5633 seconds - 64.75 mph 1/8.

2009 Suzuki SX-4 Zuk by RRM | Track Test
The 300-horsepower 2009 Suzuki Zuk is based on the five-door SX4 crossover and was built by Road Race Motorsports (RRM). Power moves through the standard all-wheel drive to 19-inch alloy wheels...

Honda Civic 1.8 vs Maruthi Suzuki sx4 1.6 Drag Race
Honda Civic 1.8 vs Maruthi Suzuki sx4 1.6 Drag Race.

Suzuki SX4 2008 WRC Rallye d'Italia-Sardegna
Official video the 2008 Rally d'Italia-Sardegna from Suzuki Motorsports WRC team featuring the Suzuki SX4 rally car. More videos here:

Suzuki SX4 Turbo AWD Beast by Road Race Motorsports
First U.S. based company to customize the Suzuki SX4. RRM.........Road Race Motorsports is renowned for their work on small hatchback and their ability to turbocharge, non turbo cars. Custom...

Suzuki SX4 vs Porsche Panamera 4S in Abu Dhabi (Suzuki wins first 200m)
This is to show you that the most important part of the car is the DRIVER!! lol My best regards to Mr. Abdullah.

sx4 v/s sx4 drag
Drag at Delhi Collage Of Engineering.

2010 Suzuki SX4 Tuned by Road Race Motorsports - Drive Away This Suzuki SX4 SportBack is more than just an aero kit and 17" wheels. Suzuki contracted Road Race Motorsports to build a fun concept....

Suzuki SX4 2.0 v/s Mitsubishi Lancer
Pique entre Suzuki SX4 2.0 y Mitsubishi Lancer (benja18). Automovilistas Unidos de Chile. En Mersan.

Suzuki SX4 w/ Road Race Motorsport Header, Intake, Exhaust/Muffler Drive By
This is a clip of my car's exhaust note with the RRM parts listed along wih custom exhaust kit. I noticed a nice bump in HP and torque with the added air flow, and a better sound. http://roadracem...

Road Race Motorsports SX4 Short Ram Intake
How the Road Race Motorsports Short Ram Intake sounds on a 2009 Suzuki SX4 AWD.

Toyota Celica vs Suzuki SX4
Toyota Celica vs Suzuki SX4.