Suzuki SV Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Suzuki SV 1000 s VS 1300 Busa 1/4 mile Drag 11.7 @ 116 mph Run 8
Final run against a 1300 busa... not too bad I think. I think I could have gotten better but they closed the track for the night.

Suzuki SV 1000 s 1/4 mile Drag 11.8 @ 116.9 mph Run 7
Ok, finding my groove I think.

Suzuki SV 1000 s 1/4 mile Drag 12.3 @ 115mph Run 1
My very first drag on my Suzuki SV1000s As the night progressed i got a lot better...

2001 Suzuki SV650 Superbike startup
R6 is gone, racing this 01 SV650 Superbike now. 85hp Superbike motor build, GSXR front end, Dymag Magnesium wheels, Yoshi full exhaust system, Brembo ...

Suzuki SV 1000 s 1/4 mile Drag 11.8 @ 116 mph Run 6
That's better...

Season Started Aprilia RS 125 Yamaha R6 Suzuki SV 650 Yamaha XJ600 GoPro
Motorcycle racing (also called moto racing and bike racing) is a motorcycle sport of racing motorcycles. Major genres include road racing and off road racing, ...

SV 1000 vs R1 Ułęż 3 wyścig
yamaha r1 suzuki sv1000 drag racing.

Suzuki SV650: Review | Best bang for the buck?
For some T-Shirts and Fun visit: I give my thoughts on the Suzuki SV650. It's my daily driver, canyon carver. One of the most reliable ...

Suzuki SV 1000 s 1/4 mile Drag 12.0 @ 115.9 mph Run 3

Ferrari 458 Spider vs Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversary - Drag Race Shoot-out
Next in our drag race series is the Ferrari 458 Spider vs a special edition Lamborghini Aventador! See the next episode (Audi R8 vs Mercedes S63 AMG): ...

Suzuki SV 1000 s 1/4 mile Drag 12.5 @ 112 mph Run 5

Lamborghini LP670-4 SV vs Koenigsegg CCXR