Suzuki Forenza Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Suzuki Forenza Vs Forenza
We took the cars up to mooresville dragway. Both are Street Performance Techniques cars.

Turbo Optra/Forenza/Lacetti 254whp Dyno Retune
Turbo Optra / Forenza Retune for most boost, 254whp / 219ft lbs, Ported Head, Cometic MLS HG, Lowered CR, Boost ramped up to 13.5psi, 6spd Getrag F28.

4g15 vs suzuki forenza
95 mirage 4g15 modded vs suzuki Forenza.

My Suzuki Forenza and Pontiac Firebird
My Daily Driver 2007 Suzuki Forenza Racing stripes Windshield banner Painted steering wheel Painted Steel Wheels DYNOMAX Super Turbo Muffler My show ...

2005 Suzuki Forenza 0-60+
Stock 05 forenza sedan, 195/60 tires on stock steel wheels... Less than optimal launch.

2006 Suzuki Forenza with 3A Racing Exhaust System
This is my old car replaced in 2012 with a 2010 Corolla S. Just showing off the exhaust, the same day installed. Haters and trolls have fun! :-) Oh yeah...RATE ...

Forenza Start-Up
Just a basic vid (kinda grainy because it was dark) of unlocking and starting my car. 2005 Suzuki Forenza wagon S, 5 spd.

Suzuki Forenza same 12" Kicker L7
Sucky camera couldnt catch full flex but this 12" is braking this trunk down and shaking the change out its pockets!

Suzuki Forenza 70-80mph
Response to th83's Honda Accord going uphill. I said mine pulls better, which timing it, it's exactly the same. 70-80 in the Accord was 7 seconds, 70-80 in my car ...

suzuki forenza playin exhaust & intake
me playin with my car real quick.

Offroad Suzuki Forenza

0-100 km 10,0 EKSS Chip BORMAN TEST SUZUKI Forenza oneboard