Suzuki Aerio Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Suzuki Aerio v/s Nissan V16

2006 suzuki aerio sx vs DB2 Honda integra 1/8 mile drag eastside
basic mods but set up for the track / auto X. 3 degrees camber in the front tires doesn't equal fast times. Vs a mild built integra b20 b18c head suspension and ...

Aerio vs honda civic
This Suzuki Aerio with m15a engine beats Honda civic with d16 engine. The Aerio Owner said : "Lightweight" at sentul dragrace 09/03/06.

Suzuki Aerio v/s Chevrolet Corsa

Suzuki Aerio vs Honda Cielo at Sentul Dragrace - Dec 2011
Suzuki Aerio with m15a engine stock at Sentul drag race.

Suzuki SX4 Turbo AWD Beast by Road Race Motorsports
First U.S. based company to customize the Suzuki SX4. RRM.........Road Race Motorsports is renowned for their work on small hatchback and their ability to ...

Aerio Indonesia Club MeetDay 2015
Aerio Indonesia Club mengadakan kopdar nasional di Jogja pada tgl 30-31 Mei 2015.. Dihadiri tidak kurang dari 40 mobil dr berbagai chapter.. Rock your Aerio.

2003 Suzuki Aerio 2.0 Turbo 6psi Dyno Pulls
Finally got some numbers down. Its making pretty good power for 6psi. Stock N/A runs 125whp so a 60% power increase is pretty damn good.

Suzuki Aerio v/s Nissan Primera

suzuki Aerio gets custom catback
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Turbo Suzuki Aerio 2.3T Boost 1.1BAR run test way
Prueba de Suzuki Aerio 2.3T armando con pistones forjados CP y bielas pauter, electronica, inyectores de 550cc SAFC NEO, trabajo de culata, embrague.

aerio vs civic si
aerio vs civic si.