Subaru XT Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Forester XT Drag Racing
I suck at launching.. VF48 STI TMIC EL header EWG E85.

400HP Forester XT Roll Racing
Back at it this time with some more power!

Subaru Forester XT vs VW Golf GTI
Drag Racing at Luskville. Pass 01, first time out at a drag strip.

2015 Forester XT Stage 1 vs 2010 Stock Dodge Challenger R/T
US131 Dragway Martin Michigan. Forester has a Cobb stage 1 Tune, Challenger is stock. The forester has a CVT Automatic trans, the Challenger has a 6 speed ...

Junior Hta35r Subaru Forester on e85 11.69
Juniors Hta35r Subaru Forester - Sti swapped with jdm 6 speed and brembos.

The TOASTER - 500hp Nitrous Subaru Forester!
When you see a gutted Subaru Forester roll up to the tree with Mickey Thompson street tires and a bottle of juice in the trunk, you know you're in for a show!

2003 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT Drag Race In Car
In Car Drag (Best Time 14.6) 0-100 : 6 Seg Open Exhaust - Forced Performance HTA 68 Turbo + Other Mods 91 Octane (RON) Pump Gas - 8600ft Aove Sea ...

Subaru Forester XT 2.0 Turbo Drag Strip 1/4 Mile
2003 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT at the Drag Strip @ Tocancip√°, Colombia Video taken with GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition with a Sony ECM-DS70P Microphone For ...

Subaru Forester xt running a 12.23 quarter mile
my buddys 04 forester xt running an impressive 12.23 @ 112mph...his best run that night was 12.2 flat but i wasnt around to film that one!

Subaru Outback XT vs Mustang GT
Gimli Drag - drag race V8 losses to Boxer 2.5 outback vs mustang. Vey humid day Outback should have been running @ 100 mph.

Jr Forester XT with good 1/8
After that the clutch clip came off so it was kinda coast the rest of the way...

Cobalt SS vs Outback XT
Subaru Outback vs Chevy Colbalt. Outback's slowest run of theday and friend makes comment to let me know.