Subaru Outback Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Subaru Outback XT vs Mustang GT
Gimli Drag - drag race V8 losses to Boxer 2.5 outback vs mustang. Vey humid day Outback should have been running @ 100 mph.

outback vs viper
97 subaru outback legacy full sti swap v4.

Gramps the 11 Second Car - Part 10
In this episode the boys take Gramps to the drag strip to find out if it truly can be called an 11 second car... Show your support and show the world that you DIY ...

Hemi Dodge Charger VS Subaru Outback Turbo
Getting my butt kicked by a 600 hp Dodge. Missing a shift didn't help the cause.

Drag Race - 2010 Subaru Outback 3.6R versus 1983 Porsche 911 SC 3.2SS
This video is about Drag Race.

Subaru Outback 2,5 vs BMW 528 E39 1/4 Meile Drag
2007 Subaru Outback 2,5 (165PS) vs BMW 528 E39 (193PS) 1/4 Meile Meschede Schüren First Run Subaru Time : Reaktion 0928s 1/4Meile 17716s 129,74...

Subaru Outback and Forester win race up slippery hill
Showing the Subaru Symmetrical AWD system out performing the opposition all with standard road tyres, VDC, ESP, DSTC etc switched to Off Road mode and ...

Subaru Outback at VIR with THSCC 9/13/2015 Red Gro
3 laps with traffic, best lap 2:17, Max speed 146 MPH. Car is 2008 Subaru Outback XT with Cosworth crate engine and Borg Warner EFR 7163 turbo. Safe Track ...

Off-road Drag Racing Subaru Outback vs Chevrolet Niva 4x4
Off-road Drag Racing Subaru Outback vs Chevrolet Niva 4x4 off road,4x4,Chevrolet Niva,Subaru Outback,off road 4x4,drag racing,off road racing,4x4 racing,off ...

V8 BAIT - 1000HP Subaru Shoots for 8’s!
1000hp STI isn't a number you hear a lot, but for our friend CJfromtheinternet it's the the starting point for his journey to have the fastest Subaru STI in the county.

subaru outback sport sti swap vs. Mazda fd rx7
real fast wagon vs a stock fd rx7.

1997 Subaru Outback H-6 Swapped "Rallycross Wagon" - WR TV POV Test Drive
A few weeks ago Paul Eddleston of Braid Wheels USA, let us have a go in his 1997 EG33 Swapped Subaru Outback Rallycross wagon. The modification list is ...