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Subaru Loyale Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

peugeot 106 vs subaru loyale
2 drag fest vizcachas.

subaru loyale vs honda civic
2 drag fest viscachaz.

Subaru Loyale Pink Race
Subaru Loyale Sedan Vs Nissan Skyline Sedan ... 1/4 Mile Race. ;) Seems like the Subaru has the WRX Drivetrain Swap.

Subaru Drag Brumby at Jamboree 2014, driven by Errol Brittain
New Personal Best 1/4 mile 8.8sec at 243km/hr (151mph) 1.300sec 60 foot time.

rivanazzano nitro drag race 03/05/09 Peugeot 106 turbo vs Subaru Impreza STI
rivanazzano nitro drag race 03/05/09 Peugeot 106 turbo vs Subaru Impreza STI.

Juan Pablo Sanchez Wrx Dagostino race Drag Fest cat libre
Pruebas drag fest, incar cat libre. 1er lugar cat libre y record de pista, 8.17seg sin nitro. no se pudo mejorar el tiempo, fallo un empaque de culata. Graci...

EVO vs L drag racing @ Englishtown
One of the more Sleeper of the Subaru's Drag Racing a EVO.

300+ HP Subaru Loyale Wagon
A 1990 Subaru Loyale wagon with a tuned up EJ255 from a 2007 WRX. Drivetrain sourced from a Subaru XT. The bad part is that this engine was only in the car t...

subaru loyale GL10 with STi engine video 2
short shifting = more traction 13 inches tire, 1250 k/g car and 280 ft/pound of torque feel's great :)

Subaru Off-Road
Subaru Off-Roading.

Stock Subaru Loyale wheeling
crappy video of me wheeling my stock Subaru Loyale at Rock Candy near Olympia.

Subaru Legacy Turbo on the drag strip @ Scooby Shootout 2010


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