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Subaru Loyale Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Subaru Loyale Pink Race
Subaru Loyale Sedan Vs Nissan Skyline Sedan ... 1/4 Mile Race. ;) Seems like the Subaru has the WRX Drivetrain Swap.

peugeot 106 vs subaru loyale
2 drag fest vizcachas.

1991 Subaru Loyale TradeMarkCustoms Rally Car Street Racing
on the way home from the show.

subaru loyale vs honda civic
2 drag fest viscachaz.

Subaru Loyale Hill Climb
Just a short video showing my Subaru's hill climbing power, haha. It was a steep hill, and I made it up with little wheelspin. First time I went up, I was gr...

EVO vs L drag racing @ Englishtown
One of the more Sleeper of the Subaru's Drag Racing a EVO.

Juan Pablo Sanchez Wrx Dagostino race Drag Fest cat libre
Pruebas drag fest, incar cat libre. 1er lugar cat libre y record de pista, 8.17seg sin nitro. no se pudo mejorar el tiempo, fallo un empaque de culata. Graci...

300+ HP Subaru Loyale Wagon
A 1990 Subaru Loyale wagon with a tuned up EJ255 from a 2007 WRX. Drivetrain sourced from a Subaru XT. The bad part is that this engine was only in the car t...

Steering Rack Bellow Replacement ('90 Subaru Loyale)
Yes, you get to see my ugly face. Yes, I have facial hair. Deal with it (people have commented on this in the past). It's been a while since I've made a repa...

'90 Subaru Loyale Diagonal Spin Test
Just kinda screwing around and testing my car's 4WD system. I wanted to see where the power was sent when wheels didn't have traction (or were airborne). Wit...

[HD] '90 Subaru Loyale Offroading (May 23, 2013)
Nothing major. Just some light offroading that is well within the capabilities of the car. I never even switched into 4WD Hi, let alone 4WD Lo. Entire video ...

Automotive Videos: Subaru Loyale Hub Caps, Center Caps & Wheel Covers
http://www.hubcaps.org/loyale.html Check out our Subaru Loyale Hubcaps, Center Caps & Wheel Covers in this informative Hubcaps.com video. Hello to all of you...


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