Subaru Legacy Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Subaru WRX vs Subaru Legacy Drag Race

Subaru Legacy VS Bmw M3 E46 armenian drag racing
Legacy VS M3 0-402m.

Subaru Forester SG5 vs Subaru Legacy BL5 Kutaisi Drags

1/4 mile drag race in the 2012 Subaru Legacy CVT
run#5 of the night solid 16.66 almost every run. consistent as hell.

2012 Subaru Legacy Drag Race run #1
2012 Subaru Legacy 4 door 4 cyl with the CVT auto transmission. Ran a 16.8 at about 83mph.

6262 Legacy Spec B vs. '13 WRX dig & Roll race
Dig and Roll racing between a 460whp 6262 built Legacy Spec B and the now infamous '13 WRX. The outcome may surprise you!

Subaru legacy vs EVO X GSR Racewaypark August 16,2009

Lamborghini Gallardo vs Subaru Impreza WRX Drag Race Please Follow Us...

drag race subaru legacy supercharged turbocharged
I raced a Ford Lightning and whupped him. 12.5 @ 112 versus 12.7 @ 107. The legacy is supercharged and turbocharged, about 330 whp.... Clutch was ...

OMA Performance Subaru Legacy runs in the low 9s!
OMA Performance Subaru Legacy, what's impressive about this car is that it isn't even a dedicated drag car it's a hillclimb car from Ireland! You can also find me ...

Subaru Legacy GT 2005 5EAT vs Mitsubishi Evo 2012
'05 LGT (5EAT): STi VF39 @ 17 PSI Invidia catless downpipe FMS FMIC AVO SR intake TurboXS 50/50 BOV BC Racing coilovers Protuned by Ray Arroyo at ...

Highway Racing | Subaru Impreza GT Vs. Turbo Legacy
Racing on highway, with Subaru Impreza [200+ HP] and Subaru Turbo Legacy [250+ HP]. Recordings are from both cars, mixed in this video. Most of time we ...