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Subaru Legacy Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Subaru WRX vs Subaru Legacy Drag Race
FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/612to303 TWITTER: http://twitter.com/612to303 SUBSCRIBE IF YOU CAN HANDLE THIS AWESOMENESS This was filmed at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison ...

Tork Garaj Subaru Legacy Konya Drag 04.05.2014
Tork Garaj Subaru Legacy Best Time: 10.05sn Sponsor: Petlas Lastik.

Subaru Legacy VS Bmw M3 E46 armenian drag racing
Legacy VS M3 0-402m.

2012 Subaru Legacy Drag Race run #1
2012 Subaru Legacy 4 door 4 cyl with the CVT auto transmission. Ran a 16.8 at about 83mph.

drag race subaru legacy supercharged turbocharged
I raced a Ford Lightning and whupped him. 12.5 @ 112 versus 12.7 @ 107. The legacy is supercharged and turbocharged, about 330 whp.... Clutch was slipping.

13.3@100mph 2005 Subaru Legacy drag race

1/4 mile drag race in the 2012 Subaru Legacy CVT
run#5 of the night solid 16.66 almost every run. consistent as hell.

Volvo S60 vs Subaru Legacy drag
volvo s60 t5 stock 14.7 quarter mile subaru with intake mods etc 15.7 quarter mile.

Subaru Legacy Turbo RS Liberty drag race 1/4 mile 402m EDPS
3"catless exhaust, VOS-chip, Dawes device@1.2bar Time: 13.9 Speed: 160 km/h.

CVT 1/4 mile drag race in the 2012 Subaru Legacy
practicing my launch for King of the hill. (bracket racing) Traction control off. I'm racing some fast pos Chevy long bed. He beats me. =[

CVT 1/4 mile drag race #9 in the 2012 Subaru Legacy
Continuing to practice my launch for King of the hill. (Bracket racing) Raced a Chevy Cobalt, he red lite and got the jump, but I was creeping on him on the ...

2008 legacy gt drag racing
2008 subaru legacy gt racing at bandimere speedway (elevation: 5800ft). Mods: TBE, AEM intake, Perrin TMIC, accesport VF40 18g turbo. TIme: 14.20 @ 99mph.


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