Studebaker Champion Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1951 Studebaker Champion - Drag Racer.
1951 Studebaker Champion - Drag Racer .This is my friend hoots 51 Studebaker race car. It will go over 140 down the track. Just a good old classic that's fast.

Badass willys and a 50 Studebaker champion drag car
Bitching willys and a Studebaker champion drag car and a few others.

1953 Studebaker Drag Car Engine
Building a drag race 289 Stude V8 Engine.

Ted Harbit's '63 Studebaker R2 Super Lark at 2012 PSMCDR
Ted Harbit racing his '63 Studebaker R2 Super Lark at the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Races.

SB2 in a Studebaker
Lee Sicilio's "other car" - SB2 engine (NASCAR-ish) that came out of a 2003 race truck (Craftsman truck series I think?? dunno, I don't do carburetors). Anyways ...

Ted Harbit at Nashville 1992
The Chicken Hawk at the first Stude Drags at Music City. Sorry its short , but I was busy helping to run the drags.

2014 PSMCDR Studebaker
2014 PSMCDR Studebaker Drivers Club Drag Racing.

Ted Harbit pilots George Krem's '64 Studebaker Challenger at PSMCDR
Ted Harbit pilots George Krem's '64 Studebaker Challenger down the track at the 2012 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race.

Ryan's 12.9 run 1956 Studebaker Champion
12.967 ET on a 13.02 dial (13.02 WAS the fastest the car has ever run!)

Studebaker and drag truck
A cool race between a Studebaker and a nice looking truck. I think the Studie blew a shift.

Salty Studebakers
Various Studebakers at Bonneville from school bus to truck to Avanti.

Studebaker Bean Blossom Drag Race 11