Studebaker Champion Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Ryan's 12.9 run 1956 Studebaker Champion
12.967 ET on a 13.02 dial (13.02 WAS the fastest the car has ever run!)

Badass willys and a 50 Studebaker champion drag car
Bitching willys and a Studebaker champion drag car and a few others.

1956 Studebaker Champion Test and Tune 3/4/2012 #?
et: 12.769 @ 106.62mph, 60':1.889.

Etapa Final 9SEG. | Studebaker Commander vs. Subaru Impreza Drag

Studebaker Champion Street Rod vs 1965 Chevelle the Street Marauder at ESTA dragstrip 9-09
Studebaker 600/650 carbs 1:1 w/55% 65 30.30 Driven to the track.

Studebaker Champion Small Block X gasser SHRA Street car driven to the track (Big Jacks Automotive)
Studebaker Champion Streetrod with exhaust driven to the track and better yet driven home.

2014 PSMCDR Studebaker
2014 PSMCDR Studebaker Drivers Club Drag Racing.

1956 Studebaker Champion Test and Tune 3/4/2012 #5

Turbo Diesel STUDEBAKER Pickup Truck!?
Studebaker Pickup Truck spewing out 1000ft/lbs+ of TORQUE!? This badass rod definitely caught us by surprise in Phoenix, AZ during Street Car Takeover's ...

2016 Studebaker Drags video 1
2016 Studebaker Drags.

1953 Studebaker Drag Car Engine
Building a drag race 289 Stude V8 Engine.

Studebaker Bean Blossom Drag Race 11