Skoda Rapid Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

BIC Sept 2015 Open Track Day - Kaustav's Skoda Rapid TDi vs 530d Northern AutoSports Association
Driver Matters!

Hyundai Verna Auto vs Skoda Rapid Auto vs VW Vento Auto | Motor Octane | Latest Car Reviews
On this episode of Motor Octane we compare the automatic variants of three cars that occupy prime spot on the Indian midsize sedan market. Read our story: ...

Suzuki Swift gti vs. Skoda Rapid drag race 402m
Szezonzáró verseny Fertőszentmiklóson. Döntőbe jutás volt a tét!

Suzuki Swift GTi vs. Skoda Rapid drag race 402m
Fertőszentmiklós 2014.06.14-15.

Skoda Octavia RS TSI vs. Subaru WRX STI 2013 - drag race
As it turned out once again, the maximum power of an engine is not everything. The STI with 80 extra PS is only slightly faster than the 220 PS Octavia III RS with ...

Skoda Rapid 136 drag
10.Autotuning zraz - Trencin airport, skoda rapid with 1396ccm engine.

Skoda Rapid Vs VW Vento Test Drive Comparison - Autoportal Both the Skoda Rapid and VW Vento are essentially the same car with a different ...

Skoda Rapid - Hubice Drag race 2009

Drag Race Goa 2011: Skoda Superb vs Honda City

1/4 mile drag race
GeminiRacing with Skoda Rapid on 2. CARAT tuning party Piestany 403m drag race - sprint.

Skoda Rapid
Skoda Rapid Drifting.

Honda City Vs Audi R8 V10 | Drag Race | Vroom 2016
Race Concepts Honda city Turbo SOHC 1.5L Vtec vs Audi R8 V10 5.2L TSI Quattro. Specifications of the Drag Spec Honda City by Race Concepts : 2016 spec ...