Ski-Doo MX-Z Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Highly modified MXZ 1000 rev drag racing in Grand bend Windsor weekend!

Drag racing stock Ski-doo REV XP MXZ 800 R vs RAD Technology
Stock REV XP 800 vs. Stock REV XP 800 with RAD Technology installed. Notice by leaning forward and keeping weight on front idler wheel there is more ...

CJF Performance Grass Drags- Yamaha SRX vs Ski-Doo MXZ
A Yamaha SRX 700 triple taking on a Ski-Doo MXZ 800 in a grass drag.

Arctic cat F7 Vs Ski-doo Rev Xp 800 snowmobile drag race
Snow drag race, 7 trys and this is the closest the Revxp 800 came to the F7.... I guess the perm dosn;t hold super powers :D.

Onboard My Drag Sled - Ski Doo MXZ w/1100cc Triple Crank Shop Motor
MXZ 1100 Triple Drag Sled at Crystal Lake, Crank Shop Motor, Wahl Brothers Track & Suspension.

Ski-Doo MXZ 600 RS -08
Waasa Snowmobile GRASS DRAG RACE 27.9.2008 in Vasa, Finland.

Formula III 600 drag sled
My drag sled, S-2000 chassis Idle run. Motor done by Iantomasi Track N' Trail. 9 time local drag race champion 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 ...

ski doo 1200 4-tec vs 800 power tek
drag racing at ocher river drags.

Ski Doo XRS 800 Vs Arctic Cat Z1 Mark Freeman #408 racing his 2014 Ski Doo ...

Skidoo Rev 827 Big Bore out for a rip on the grass! PowerModz!
Thumbs up if you like the REV!!! Had to bust out the RkTek 827 Big Bore for a grass beat down, this thing hauls and sounds so good with that Jaws can, might ...

TEST RIDE: 2014 Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS SnowTrax Television Co-Host AJ Lester evaluates Ski-Doo's ultimate performance, race replica sled featuring a direct injection 800R ...

SRX vs ZR 600 vs ZR 440 vs MXZ
'99 yamaha srx 600 vs '98 zr600 efi vs '97 zr440 vs '93 MXZ 470 drag race out on the lake.