Ski-Doo 700 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Snowmobile Races Vs. Ferrari 458 and F430 Spider in Drag Race!! - Modball Rally 2015
Now this will probably the strangest thing you'll see today!!! During Modball Rally 2015 at Varano de Melegari racetrack in Italy, I have filmed a Snowmobile drag racing against a Ferrari F430...

700 ski-doo drag
funny kid getting draged.

Polaris Ultra 680 VS Ski-Doo 700 Drag
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

CJF Performance Grass Drags- Yamaha SRX vs Ski-Doo MXZ
A Yamaha SRX 700 triple taking on a Ski-Doo MXZ 800 in a grass drag.

1/4 mile Drag race Ski-Doo 11.731
Icor - drag race - 2014 - Ski-Doo - Time 11.731 -

9 sec Ski Doo @ Grand Bend
CSCS, july 30th 2006 drag racing,

1997 Polaris ultra asphalt race sled
1997 Polaris ultra snowmobile at Milan running mid 11's at 108mph.

Yamaha SRX 700 Grass Drag
A 100% stock SRX 700 triple making a pass at CJF Performance Grass Drags test and tune.

CJF Performance Grass Drags- Ski-doo VS Polaris
A Ski-doo vs Polaris, both sleds do huge wheelies off the line.

Skidoo MXZ 700 Radar runs #3
At the radar runs with my sled run #3 (94mph)

badass 650 polaris mod drag race on ice hot sled.wmv
A friends Badass polaris 650 mod on race day in West Devon P E I.

CJF Performance Grass Drags- Ski-Doo vs Polaris
A Ski-Doo vs a Polaris.