Seat Ibiza Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Seat Ibiza TDI 400 HP vs BMW ///M5 E60 V10 Drag Race

Massive Seat Ibiza TDI (Insane Diesel Power) HD
Massive Seat Ibiza TDI running a 9.981@141.14mph 227 kmh Ibiza XX Congratulations to AMMotorsport the First & Fastest DIESEL in the European FWD ...

Drag - Seat Ibiza Cupra vs VW Polo GTI (Part 1)

SEAT Ibiza Cupra 1.8T Drag Racing
Hungaroring Extreme Technical Weekend Drag Race Participating in street legal class where no drag slicks and no weight reduction (of any kind) allowed!

Diesel POWER!! Seat Ibiza Cupra drag race!
Like me on Facebook: My Blog: Full HD video 1080p. Description: I filmed this ...

Fastest Seat at the 2015 GTI Festival - 1.8T Seat Ibiza 12.6 @ 118mph
2015 VW Action - GTI Festival at Santa Pod Raceway. Dominic Soave in his 1.8T Seat Ibiza running a GT3071 Turbo and Water Meth Injection pitting in 3 good ...

Seat Ibiza PD160 400 HP vs Porsche 911 Turbo S Drag Race

Seat Ibiza JI - 400m Drag Racing Show "Àgueda" (8-5-2011)
"JI" Seat Ibiza 6k TDI 90cv Upgrades: VNT15 Injectores 110 Linha directa 50mm Electrotécnica "RC Power" 1.5 pico/1.3 constante! Embraiagem de origem a ...

6K2 SEAT Ibiza Cupra Drag Racing (hybrid turbo)
SEAT Ibiza Cupra 1.8T drag racing (2016 spring). Street legal, no weight reduction, no drag slicks. This is mainly a daily driver. The transmission (5 speed 02J) ...

Seat Ibiza 1.4 Drag Race
European Seat Meeting, two Seat Ibiza 1.4. Red one won, advantage 16" rims vs 18"

Seat Ibiza vs. Seat Leon
Carat Tuning Party 2012.

Seat Ibiza FR Transformation To Racing Street Drag Car
Power By Overload,HyperSport,Mavroidakos Racing Exhaust Dyno Time 253,2 Machinery,222,8 wheels, 41 Kg Τorque!