Saturn Sky Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2012 mustang GT vs Saturn Sky Red Line
drag night at St Thomas Raceway park mustang mods intake tune 12.55@115 sky mods don't know but lots! 12.87@106.

LS7 Saturn Sky vs the world drag race compilation
Twin Turbo LS7 Saturn Sky kills, GTRs, a ZR1, a z06, a CTS-V and Challenger Hellcat, a 1000HP Charger Hellcat.

Saturn Sky vs 2 FBO e85 GTRs vs CTS-V
Saturn Sky vs 2 FBO e85 GTRs vs CTS-V Just another weekend in Mexico.

Sky Redline vs Corvette
Road Kill Band grudge match pitting 2009 Sky redline with turbo upgrade against a 1996 Corvette. Drag strip is Beech Bend in Bowling Green, Ky - July 2009.

1000HP HHP Charger Hellcat gets killed by a Garage LS7 swapped Saturn Sky
Twin Turbo LS7 Saturn detroys HHP Racing Charger Hellcat pushing 1000HP.

1000HP HHP Charger Hellcat vs Saturn Sky
Video Provided by: This race is a "1000hp" Hellcat (According to Owner "Fastest Hellcat in Detroit") vs a ~640hp TT LS7 Saturn Sky ...

Sky Redline VS Challenger SRT8
Sky Redline --- Challenger SRT8 R/T 0.480 --- 0.013 60' 2.114 --- 2.405 330 5.725 --- 6.090 1/8 8.609 --- 9.066 1/8 MPH 86.48 --- 83.64 1000 11.110 --- 11.621 ...

Supercharged C5 ZO6 vs Twin Turbo Saturn Sky
This grudge race was between a 2003 C5 Corvette ZO6 with a Vortech supercharger making around 600hp, and a LS7 swapped Twin Turbo Saturn Sky making ...

Sky Redline VS. Pontiac G8
RPR Sky Redline vs. Pontiac G8.

LS2 Saturn Sky
A 2007 Saturn Sky...with a V-8 in it...very cool car...Ck it out!!!

Saturn Sky Redline Turbo Racing

04 Mustang GT vs Saturn Sky Turbo
I don't know what was done to this thing, but it was pretty damn quick!