Saturn SW2 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

turbo saturn wagon sw2 drag racing us43 7.91 1/8th
turbo saturn wagon drag racing 7.91 1/8th. i just put a megasquirt on and spin real bad with some old wore out slicks.

Saturn SW2 Drag racing
June 9th 2007 Dragracing at St.Thomas dragpark.

Turbo SATURN vs Exotics!?
500HP 4bangers have proven themselves the underdogs at some of these 1/2 Mile competition, and Georgia's Half Mile Shootout put on by WannaGoFast had a perfect example of one! This Saturn...

Saturn Drag Racing (best run)
Finally in the 13's.

Saturn racing Firebird
I almost got him. I had a better reaction time so he had to come around me . His margin of victory was only 0.0193 !

Super Saturn 2.0
What is the best thing to do when you crash your $100 rally car into a tree? Yank parts from its shell and build a new one. Never before has a better Phoenix metaphor been embodied in the automotiv...

Who races a saturn 4 door car?
My 1997 saturn SL1 converted. I took out the sohc and put in a dohc, header, 2 & 1/2" exhaust with Dynomax muffler. High voltage MSD coils, 8.8 wires. It had a bored throttle body and true...

Fastest Saturn station wagon I've ever seen
Saturn station wagon running 10s at the track.

Drag racing a Saturn
A night at the drag strip and the car is a Saturn.

Saturn wagon turbo
This is my 1993 wagon 1.9 I put a turbo on. This is a ecotec 2.0 turbo and manifold I made fit on the 1.9. Built motor with Wiseco pistons and scat rods. Running 10lbs of boost with more...

Worlds fastest Saturn - Rick Zirk
June 2010 Route 66 Dragway Saturn Drag racing.

saturn turbo wagon drag racing
this is my turbo wagon on 12lbs of boost run 8.5 in a 8th mile.