Saturn Aura Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Rick Zirk's '98 Saturn SC2~ Piloted by Bob Romano~ JT Racing Engines Naturally Aspirated 632ci~Powerglide Trans~4:56 Ford 9" Rearend racing in the ...

Turbo SATURN vs Exotics!?
500HP 4bangers have proven themselves the underdogs at some of these 1/2 Mile competition, and Georgia's Half Mile Shootout put on by WannaGoFast had a ...

N/A Saturn New 1/4 Mile Best On Motor
Saturn Mods: -Intake -Dumped Exhaust -Electric Water Pump -Intake Cam on Exhaust side Mod -Decked Head By RPM Shop In Delmont NJ -Lexan Windows ...

Saturn Aura 3.6 RIppin it up!
a Saturn Aura 3.6 at the track destroying a lot of hondas.

John's Journal - GM Makes HCCI a Reality
HCCI, the technology that would allow gasoline engines to act like (more efficient) diesel engines, has been in the works for years. However, General Motors ...

saturn burnout
doing a burnout in a saturn aura.

saturn turbo wagon drag racing

turbo saturn vs. supra
4-door turbo saturn vs. supra.

Saturn Aura BEATING Z06 Vette!!!!!!

Tiburon GT vs. Scion tC vs. Aura XR
Went to meet a guy to sell him something and decided to setup a run. He's been wanting to run his 07 Scion tC (160hp) against mah Tibbay (172hp) for a while ...

2007 Saturn Aura Driving Footage
Recently Debuted at the Los Angeles Motor Show, here is the first video showing the 2007 Saturn Aura Driving Scenes.

ss camaro vs saturn aura
screwing around on the freeway. just for fun.