Saturn Aura Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Turbo SATURN vs Exotics!?
500HP 4bangers have proven themselves the underdogs at some of these 1/2 Mile competition, and Georgia's Half Mile Shootout put on by WannaGoFast had a ...

Saturn Sky vs 2 FBO e85 GTRs vs CTS-V
Saturn Sky vs 2 FBO e85 GTRs vs CTS-V Just another weekend in Mexico.

Saturn Aura 3.6 RIppin it up!
a Saturn Aura 3.6 at the track destroying a lot of hondas.

ss camaro vs saturn aura
screwing around on the freeway. just for fun.

N/A Saturn New 1/4 Mile Best On Motor
Saturn Mods: -Intake -Dumped Exhaust -Electric Water Pump -Intake Cam on Exhaust side Mod -Decked Head By RPM Shop In Delmont NJ -Lexan Windows ...

Saturn Vs Pro Camero
CSCS, oct 7th 2006 drag racing,

saturn beating a camaro
turbo saturn racing a camaro.

saturn racing
gettin ready for a little roundy round.

saturn burnout
doing a burnout in a saturn aura.

saturn turbo wagon drag racing
this is my turbo wagon on 12lbs of boost run 8.5 in a 8th mile.

Saturn vs Powerstroke at IFO 2014
Check out this video of a Saturn and a Ford Powerstroke drag racing at Import Face Off. Import Face Off is a national event held at many drag strips across the ...

1998 SL2 saturn vs camaro
us messing around and having fun.