Saturn Aura Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Turbo SATURN vs Exotics!?
500HP 4bangers have proven themselves the underdogs at some of these 1/2 Mile competition, and Georgia's Half Mile Shootout put on by WannaGoFast had a ...

saturn beating a camaro
turbo saturn racing a camaro.

saturn vs honda civic street drag race - more videos
For hot girls videos and images, visit saturn vs honda civic street drag race.

saturn turbo wagon drag racing
this is my turbo wagon on 12lbs of boost run 8.5 in a 8th mile.

Replace Rack and Pinion - Saturn Aura
In this video I show you how to replace the rack and pinion in a 2007 Saturn Aura. Always refer to the shop manual for the proper procedure and torque specs.

saturn burnout
doing a burnout in a saturn aura.

Saturn Aura 3.6 RIppin it up!
a Saturn Aura 3.6 at the track destroying a lot of hondas.

Saturn vs Mustang
The car ran a 14.21 earlier but did not get video of it.

Saturn Vs Pro Camero
CSCS, oct 7th 2006 drag racing,

Aura Racing's EVO 2 shakedown runs @ '07 Shootout
Aura Racing takes there EVO 2 to the '07 DSM EVO Shootout for some testing and racing.

Saturn Aura Xr vs. Honda Hatchback
Aura Xr vs. Honda off the light. Share, comment, like.

turbo saturn vs. supra
4-door turbo saturn vs. supra.