Saab 9-3 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

802hp Saab 9-3 AWD...
SpeedParts Saab 9-3 X4R 802 hp/775 Nm.

Mazda 6 MPS vs Saab 9-3 AT FWD drag
6MPS - буст контроллер, полный впуск/выпуск/эво-турба. В данном заезде наддув специально понижен до 0,8 бара...

e55 amg saab 9-3 se 2.0t drag race

2006 Saab 9-3 Aero Cabrio 1/4 mile Drag, Stock
My First time drag racing, I raced a tuned honda accord V6 Vtech and won :) My Saab is a 2.8 Turbo V6 6-speed manual, Stock. I ran a 15.5 at 93mph. Not super ...

1999 Saab 9-3 1/4
Taking a few runs down the track in the Saab. Best time was a 14.0 at 99mph.

Race: Caprice SS VS SAAB 9-3 V6 قومة بين ساب تيربو و كابرس اس اس سباق 1 كيلو بين ساب 93 ايرو برمجة اتش بي تيونرز مع كابرس اس اس 2005 برمجة اتش بي تيونرز...

Mazda 6 MPS vs Saab 9-3 AT FWD drag 2
6MPS - впуск/выпуск/сток-турба. Наддув 1,2 бара (около 320лс). Сааб - едущий 9-3 на чипе/выхлопе Hirsh. Сил 250 по ощущениям.

Bone Stock '03 Saab 9-3 Linear 2.0t A/T with JZW Stage 1
This video is merely to demonstrate what a stock Saab 9-3 automatic is capable of running at the drag strip with a $349 Stage 1 ECU tune from JZW Tuning.

Ford Explorer Sport vs EVO X, Saab 9-3
Rockingham NC, Phantasm, Drag Racing Oct 6, 2013.

nordic saab 900/9-3 2.5 gt drag car

Octavia 1 9tdi Drag Racing
Totally stock 1.9Tdi ALH engined Octavia running at Crail Raceway. Car has 90bhp, is running on a 33% WVO/Derv mix and ran a best of 18.009@71.3mph Vid ...

SAAB 9-3 Aero 2.0T vs BMW E92 M3
Little drag race off the lights between a stock SAAB 9-3 Aero 2.0T and a stock BMW E92 M3. SAAB gets a better start but the M3 eventually catches up.