Rover Metro Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Rover Metro vs Seat Cupra - Drag Race
Paul Walker Memorial Day - Santa Pod Raceway Like the Facebook Page - Follow me on Twitter - ...

SSPW: Rover Metro Dragster Rolling Road Test.
Testing to see how My freind Nick Gay's Drag racing car goes.

Rover Metro GTi Challenge Crash
Something a little less frenetic for you, and a half-time breather from all the Rallycross. The Dunlop Rover Metro GTi Challenge ran for a few seasons, using ...

Nick Gay v Matthew Seamarks Sportsman ET Drag Santa Pod Easter Thunderball 2010
Class & Race Number: Sportsman ET 3 Home Town / Country: Southampton Vehicle: Rover Metro Vehicle Name: Black Dog Engine Size: 1800cc Competitor: ...

Rover Metro Promotional / Advert
Taken from a sales staff training video.

1/4 Mile Drag Race Clio 172 Cup Vs. Rover 100 VVC
1/4 Mile Drag Race | Renault Sport Clio 172 Cup Vs. Rover 100 VVC at Shakespeare County Raceway, Long Marston.

Rover Metro GTi Roversport Replica 160 VVC
Roversport Metro GTi Replica with 160VVC engine driving through the Great British Countryside. Unfortunately i missed the upchange from 3rd to 4th about ...

Old Top Gear - Austin Metro, Rover Metro and 100.
Old Top Gear looks back on the Metro looking at the original 1980 Austin Metro, the 1990 Rover Metro, and then lastly, the 1995 Rover 100 and how the car ...

400+hp Rover Mini 1/4mile drag race
Juris Kuklis 400+hp 1990 Rover Mini 1/4mile drag race.

Rover Metro - Repair Guide
John Wright shows us how to maintain and repair a Rover Metro.

MGCC BCV8 PBIC Rover Metro Gti VVC 1.8 Thruxton 2012 Sept
Heres the race from the mgcc meeting at thruxton September 2012 with the peter best insurance challenge and the BCV8 challenge mixed grid. the car is a ...

Rover Metro GTa
My Rover Metro GTa is an unsung hero of small cars. Its plucky, nippy and of course British, one being very patriotic means that my first car had of course to be a ...