Rover Metro Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Rover Metro vs Seat Cupra - Drag Race
Paul Walker Memorial Day - Santa Pod Raceway Like the Facebook Page - Follow me on Twitter - ...

1/4 Mile Drag Race Clio 172 Cup Vs. Rover 100 VVC
1/4 Mile Drag Race | Renault Sport Clio 172 Cup Vs. Rover 100 VVC at Shakespeare County Raceway, Long Marston.

Rover 100 turbo vs. Metro turbo
Kingfisher blue metro has 1.4 k-series, steel bottom end, ported big valve head, piper 270 cams and a GT2560 @ 15psi. Had bad clutch slip and let off.

RWYB Santa Pod - Toyota Corolla TS Vs. Rover Metro VVC (09/05/30)
Ricc's PFL Toyota Corolla TSport, Unmodified, running a 15.0465 Quater @ 94.58mph. Metro with K-Series 1.8VVC engine, modified slightly producing circa.

rover metro gti 16v santa pod usc 2011

Metro Gti VVC at Santa Pod
My Gti 1.8 VVC at Santa Pod in 2003, the corsa had a 2.5 V6 fitted :)

SSPW: Rover Metro Dragster Rolling Road Test.
Testing to see how My freind Nick Gay's Drag racing car goes.

Rover 100 turbo vs Ford Capri
Rover 100 1.4 k series turbo. Accralite forged pistons, arrow rods, DKE 82mm crank, polished and ported head (29mm inlets 26mm exh) Piper 270H cams with ...

Skoda Rapid vs Rover 100 at Santa Pod
This is an in car of the Skoda Rapid 136 + LPG, turbo and WON kit vs grand ma metro from PPC £999 challenge at Santa Pod 2009 Retro Show. Quality is not so ...

The untold story of the Metro 6R4
Motoring Presenter Paul Woodford gets to grips with the '80s Group B rally Metro 6R4 and uncovers the real story of how the car was designed...yes, really! (Well ...

Rover 114 GTa 160 VVC at Shakespeare County Raceway
My 160 VVC swapped Rover 114/Metro at the drags. Best time of 14.22 @ 98mph.

MG Metro 6R4 - Pure Sound [HD]
Subscribe if you liked the video :D Created for the short lived Group B race category, the 4WD mid engined MG 6R4 (6-cylinder, rally car, four-wheel-drive) Metro ...