Rover 827 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

rover 827 drag
rover 827 at shakespear county raceway april 2011 vs a v5 golf 1/4 mile drag.

Rover 827 nitrous 1/4 mile drag santapod
My 1988 rover 827 with a 75hp wet nitrous system and a few other mods.

Rover 827 sterling 1/4 mile dragrace
1/4 mile run in the sterling. Mostly standard.....

Rover 827 nitrous shakespeare raceway
Rover 827 at Shakespeare raceway 30/10/2011.

Rover montego drag racing
Rover montego estate drag racing at Shakespeare raceway 30/10/2011.

Rover 827Si
Oh yes.

Rover 800 (XX) Fastback Ad
Rover 800 (XX) Fastback Ad from 1988.

Rover 827SI
Short encounter with a very nice (and quick) Rover.

Old Rover Drag Racing - 1/4 mile 15.916 seconds
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Rover 827 Vitesse(TWR) Rare
Engine and bay clean up on my Mk1 827 Vitesse. Sore hands but well worth it.

Rover 827si V6 model 1992

Rover 827 2,7 L Coupe