Rover 827 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

rover 827 drag
rover 827 at shakespear county raceway april 2011 vs a v5 golf 1/4 mile drag.

Rover 827 nitrous 1/4 mile drag santapod
My 1988 rover 827 with a 75hp wet nitrous system and a few other mods.

Rover 827 sterling 1/4 mile dragrace
1/4 mile run in the sterling. Mostly standard.....

Rover 827 Vitesse(TWR) Rare
Engine and bay clean up on my Mk1 827 Vitesse. Sore hands but well worth it.

Rover 827 nitrous shakespeare raceway
Rover 827 at Shakespeare raceway 30/10/2011.

Rover montego drag racing
Rover montego estate drag racing at Shakespeare raceway 30/10/2011.

The Rover Returns
My 827 vitesse Started! After being left for weeks with a munched oil filter thanks to a ''mate''... Id like to say thanks to a GOOD mate of mine lee. With his efforts ...

Rover 827 Road Train 800 trailer half car

Rover 827 Si and matching trailer

Flooring a 1989 Rover 827 Vitesse
Having some fun with a 1989 Rover 827 Vitesse.

Rover 827 2.7 V6 acceleration 0 to 170km/h
1994 Rover 827 2.7 V6 acceleration test 0 to 170km/h.

rover 827 coupe 2.7 V6
0-100 en 7.7 environ 0-140 en 13.7 toujours environ ;) je crois qu'elle commence a etre bien dégommée lol.