Renault Extra-Van Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Renault Extra Van Turbo 275bhp
Renault 5 gt turbo engine C1J, water injection and nos.

renault extra van williams
2.0 williams engine.

Renault Extra Van GT Turbo Dyno Run 325bhp 320lbft
1.4 8v c1j renault 5 turbo engined extra van 2 bar boost, nos. @ efi parts 19.07.2014.

Renault extra van
First warm up with the new c1j engine.

Renault Turbo Extra Van 13.007qtr 102.99mph
Shakespeare country raceway 22/07/2012 rwyb.

renault 5 gt turbo drag racing glenn robson hi5 tuning scoff 11 sec 128 shakepere
a little better testing run renault 5 gt turbo 1.4l ohv engine mapped by efi-parts still could not get grip maybe next time.

Drag Race: Renault Clio RS vs Volkswagen Polo GTI
The CAR Performance Shootout 2014 is proudly brought to you by Caltex: Watch the Renault Clio RS and Volkswagen Polo GTI go head-to. Ford Fiesta ST ...

renault super 5 gt turbo vs vw escarabajo drag race
vaya con el escarabajillo O_O.

renault 5 T Van IR
Jawel mijn oude waggie.

Renault 5 History 1972-1996
Renault 5 History 1972-1996: 1972 Renault 5 1972 Renault 5 TL 956 cc 43 cv 135 kmh 15 kml 730 kg 1973 Renault 5 1973 Renault 5 UK Version 1974 Renault ...

Fastest van track battle: Transit vs Sprinter
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Wookie Racing in Renault 5 GT Turbo Santa pod
Me being a Wookie and driving a Renault 5 Campus With a 1.4 liter C1J turbo Lump doing a 13.6 SQM - same ...