Renault Clio Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Drag Race: Renault Clio RS vs Volkswagen Polo GTI
The CAR Performance Shootout 2014 is proudly brought to you by Caltex: Watch the Renault Clio RS and Volkswagen Polo GTI go head-to-head over the quarter mile at...

BMW 135i vs CRAZY Renault Clio - Drag Race 1/4 Mile Viertelmeile Rennen Beschleunigungsrennen
Launch with smoking Tires ??? Best BMW Onboard Video : M5 E60 Acceleration Sound : M3 E92 vs C63 AMG Sound :

Drag race : Renault Clio 4 RS VS Clio 3 RS Cup (Motorsport)
A drag race between the new Renault Clio RS EDC vs the old Clio 3 RS Cup. New turbocharger engine do a good job !

Renault Clio 172 Sport Head To Head Drag Race - 14.8 v 14.9
2015 October RWYB at Santa Pod Raceway. Two Renault Clio 172 Sports line up for a side by side 1/4 mile drag race. Turned out to be a very close race with the Black Clio just winning with a...

Drag Race : Renault Clio RS VS Peugeot 208 GTi (Motorsport)
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V6 Clio vs TT
136K hits dam thats alot.

Team Trackspeed uk enjoy their 2013 Renault Clio race car 1 final time...
Paul Ivens drives the Team Trackspeed uk 2013 challenger one last time before we develop the new Clio race car for the 2014 MSVR season. At Curborough Sprint Circuit Filmed by Adam and Jody...

2011 vs. 2013 Renault Clio RS 200 - Rev Battle and Drag Race!
Full photo review here: Full video review here: I got the opportunity to shoot these two Renault Clio...

Renault Clio Maxi Racing Start
Credits to TTRVision.

Clio vs R33 Skyline and Turbo Bike vs 6 Series Drag Racing Bishopscourt 17th March 2013
Race 1: Clio is very quick! nice matt black skyline too. Nice racing. Lots more drag and drift this space Race 2: Turbo Bike is soooooooooooooooo fast! :D.

VW Drag Race vs Corvette C6 vs Audi R8 vs Renault Clio vs BMW
Compilation of drag race of different Volkswagens against Corvette C6, Audi R8, Renault Clio and Bmw.

Drag race Clio 172 vs Clio RS 200
Clio 172 vs 200 from 0-130 Not so much difference =)