Porsche 928 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Porsche 928 Turbo at the drag strip from Green Bay, WI
Twin Turbo Porsche 928 S4 co-built by the owner of the car and Beyond Redline in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Drag strip is located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

Porsche 928 S4 Murf level II SC drag race, Alastaro 5th pull
Supercharged Porsche 928 S4 automatic at Alastaro Finland drag strip. 5th pull of the day, 13.4XXs.

Porsche Vs Muscle Car Drag Race 455 Cutlass Supreme & 928S
Porsche 928 STOCK accept for high flow exhaust Vs 455 cubic inch Cutlass Supreme with holly 4 barrel carb , Edelbrock Intake manifold, performer Cam, and ...

Outlaw 10.5 Porsche 928 Drag Racer
This video was shot about 4 years ago.

Porsche 928 Race Car Exhaust Sound
La Porsche 928 de1982 qui a remporté les 4 heures du Nurburgring et a également couru à Daytona avec Vic Elford.

Tarmac Rally 928 Porsche | Gymkhana
Leigh Achterberg's first shakedown at Willowbank in his V8 928 Porsche Tarmac Rally built Racecar.

Outlaw 10.5 Porsche 928 Drag Racer
World's fastest Porsche 928.

Eunos Cosmo Vs 911 Vs 928 Vs Supra Vs 300zx Auto Battle
Eunos Cosmo Vs 911 Vs 928 Vs Supra Vs 300zx Auto Battle. Please feel free too translate anything you understand.

Porsche 928 SBC Hybrid 550hp race car initial start-up
Start up test after painless wiring race harness install Motor is a 408ci small block Chevy with a very big cam.

AutoX Battle Porsche 928 Spec vs 944 Spec
Fun Day out at the PCA AutoX with some close times between Chris's 928 Spec and My 944 Spec Can you tell who ran the faster lap.

Now this is Pod Racing: Lotus Elise vs Porsche 928 at Thunderhill
Battle between me in the Lotus and Brian Doty in his 928, April 28. My car was experiencing intermittent engine shutdown during qualifying and the race, ...

Powerful Porsche 928 (Ford Engine) 1/8 mile drag race time
Porche 928 with a ford engine.