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2005 Pontiac Sunfire SL Base 1/4 mile Drag Racing timeslip specs 0-60

More Info: Extended Warranty, Car Loans, Car insurance and Lemon Laws for your Pontiac Sunfire SL Base

1/4 Mile ET: 15.493
1/4 Mile MPH: 90.808
1/8 Mile ET: 9.949
1/8 Mile MPH: 0.000
0-60 Foot ET: 2.260
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
Standing 1 Mile MPH:
Temperature F: 69.0
Density Altitude (DA): DA Calculator
Timeslip Scan: Pontiac Sunfire Timeslip Scan
VBOX Graph:
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
VBOX Graph:
Car Make: Pontiac
Car Model: Sunfire
Car Type: SL Base
Car Year: 2005
Driver: Vincent Précourt
E-Mail: Click HERE
Videos: Sunfire Videos
Web Site:

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Horsepower @ wheels:

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Torque @ wheels: 0.00
Dyno Type:
Dyno Graph:
Classifieds: Sunfire For Sale
Parts: Sunfire Parts

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 2005 Pontiac Sunfire SL Base


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Number of Votes: 11 

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More Comments:

(Eddie Rourk)
How did u manage a 15.566 1/4 w/ a 2.269 60' time AND stock. You are spraying, I don't care what u say.

(Vincent Précourt)
I have 2005 Pontiac Sunfire whit Ecotec engine . Since 2003 all sunfire (base and GT ) have the same engine. Im not the fastes stock sunfire/cavalier . I see 15.40 and 15.50 . This engine is under-estimate by many pepole

that car is not that fast. my 05 with automatic trans at 2000 feet above sea level did 17.2

(Vincent Précourt)
Hahaha you make me laugh. This site is full of jealous person. Seriously , you never drive 2003+ sunfire or cavalier with Ecotec engine for say that ... 140hp and 150 tork it's more fast of 115hp . Welcome to the real world buddy . And if you want come to see me has Napierville Dragway or Sanair Dragway on Friday evening when the weather is beautiful you are welcome .Or just open your eyes when 2003+ sunfire or cavy go on the track ... see ya buddy !!!

(Vincent Precourt)
Oups you have 2005 sunfire my bad ... you dont know how to drive your car lol See the time on my time slip and trust me or not the other time is exactly 100% same car of you , 2005 Pontiac Sunfire Auto trans . This guy know how to drive ...

(Eddie Rourk)
Wow! you drive better than you speak english, I guess.

(Vincent Précourt)
For your information i don't speak english here , i write . And yes my first and my second language is not english . Eddy why you dont buy new cavy or sunfire whit Ecotec engine ? The price is very low. Here in Montreal city in Canada i buy my new car for 10 000$ . Now my car value is between 6000-7000$ I don't know how mutch this prize are in your country .For the prize 03+ sunfire and cavy is the best buy you can make if you wish have power under your feets .This is my opignon .

Wow, a 15.5!? It must be that "bronze" fuel that you use :) Ya, I'm not buying this "15.566" crap. I don't care about what figures you make up about your high-performance "eco-tec"... hmmm, sounds like an oxymoran to me... or is that who's driving the thing...

(Vincent Précourt)
I totaly respect your opignon I like my car and performence vs the price (new) 10 000$ CDN this is the lowest price for new car in 2004 (2005 model) For the price y have fun car to go to my job and travel and i have very respectable performence whit the ecotec engine and getrag trans ... The only think i dont like on my car is the suspension ... i have buy new shocks and springs for 800$ ( Eibach ProKit and KYB AGX) Bronze fuel = normal fuel . Yes vs lot of car sunfire is a crap you right . Before buying my sunfire i testdrive Focus ST 05, Lancer Ralliart 05 ,Mazda 3 GT 05 , Civic 05 .All this car cost whit all fee included 12000$ and more that my sunfire ... and i dont have 2x better car ... do you feel that i try to write ?

Do you realize that for 14k, you can get a 14 sec. car? SRT-4...

(Vincent Précourt)
Yes SRT4 is a great used car and for 14k and one of my dream car . If the civic ,mazda 3 and focus st is 24 000$ and more (30 000$) all fee included dont forget loan $ GM = 0 ( i think im lost in my word in my last post ) the SRT4 cost clearly more of that ( my best price in Montreal city is 39 000$ for full option and all fee included because SRT4 is very the best in the sport compact catégorie .I never buy used car because i dont know how the car is driven before me and this is my primary reason because y prefer new car . My second reason is my money . I dont like pay high price for car and gaz whit prenuim gaz $ . I think you have SRT4 ? I dont like my car because my car is a bomb , i like my car because when i buy my car i just whis buy cheap price car and now i have fun car (very fun now whit my new KYB AGX shocks and Eibach ProKit springs and my new muffler .) Normaly cheap car = no power no fun and all track i drive so many guy's dont trust me when i say " i am 100% stock" ( last year whit my time ) I dont remember how many time i open my hood ... i beat full car i never think i can beat and that make me happy !! Mazda 3 GT manual my 1 1/2 car on official 1/4 dragway 3 time same night , and a lot of civic whit i dont know mod and the driver not accept to see sunfire pass them car . just for that !!!

vincent dont listen to them dues they have no idea what they are talking about. theres plenty of people that ran a j-body with the ecotec in it and did a low 15 stock. first ur suspension isnt stock its stiffer which controls back and forth movement of ur car when u launch which equals less wheel hop and better traction. there are ecotecs with just small bolt ons intake exhaust, motor mounts running high 14s all day long. so a low 15 isnt unbelieveable. good job on the times. with some more bolt ons u should be seeing 14s with no problems.

Where can I get a cheap good loud sounding muffler for my 2002 sunfire? It's a 2.2l ecotec as well.

(vincent précourt)
Ebay , and watch out shipping fee !! Or any speed shop around you . I buy my muffler on ebay and the description of this muffler is " quality sound , not high pitch like civic ... and since i have installed my muffler my ears arent destroyed . !!! I wish uninstall that quickly . I miss $$ for that :(

Whats the simplest way to find out the inlet size of the stock muffler? I don't want to have to cut it off before I even order one!

(vincent precourt)
Humm that a good question . Mabe same size of the original line . For better answer call or visit pontiac or chevy dealer .

When you bought your preformance muffler, how did you find out what inlet size you needed? I see a couple of good mufflers on Ebay but they all are 2.25 2.5 or 2 inlet sizes which are all for the sunfire.

(vincent précourt)
I buy my muffler for the look only . I have not look specification . If the muffler is not same size of your original line , you can install muffler adapter like me . All universal muffler can be installed on all car , the inlet size is not a factor . Can you give me your dragtime adress page please ?

I havent ran it yet due to the price of gas. and the closest strip to me is 3 hours away.

(Vincent Precourt)
OH! ok i know now . I live at 10 min of Montreal City and around 1km i have 5 speed shop and over 20 garage shop . For your prob . Buy any muffler you look good , see the information on the box is this muffler is legal in your country and your in buisness ... normaly look for 2"/2.25" inelt .The outlet is not a factor if your original line is on your car . Can i have your dragtime.com adress page please ?

hey i have a 2005 sunfire manual and for real this car is fast if you know how to drive it even stock....cars got more balls then it leads onto dont knock it till youve driven it peace pimps!

(brent caswell)
hi i was just wondering are you at sea level? your at i ran a 15.8 with my 2003 cavy at 2600 thousand feet and i have an upper intake and a tuned cat back exhuast, today i had my head ported and intake runner matched the car is a 5 speed and i love it but 15.5 at this altitude seems unlikely just currious

(Vincent Précourt)
Honnestly i run 15.5 and under 4/10 of time ... My average time is 15.65 because im human and i miss my start sometime . Now , for me 15.7 is a very bad run , 15.8 i cry !!! . On 1/4 mile the secret is how good you start ( not to mutch spining when you quit the box) and how good you shift . I NEVER make burn before my run . For make time like this you need to know your car and your transmission at perfection . On same quality tire im not the fastest on stock 2003+ sunfire i see better . For sure MY time is real and honnest whit the mods listed on my profile . 100% stock from dealer my best time are 15.556 . I don't make my best time at my first day on drag !! I have over 400 official drag run in 2 summer and over 200 at Napierreville Drgaway . Some time this track have \

(Vincent Précourt)
\\ glue and my time is very bad . Im better on dry track . Some pepole call me liar , some pepole call me dumb , some pepole trust me , some pepole call me lucky to have buy a \

(Vincent Précourt)
WTF why my comment is all the time cut ????

(Vincent Précourt)
\\\\\\ some pepole call me lucky to have buy a factory freak . For sure im not a liar , for sure im dumb to make over 400 official drag run 1/8+1/4 at 3 different dragway and beating a new car every time im behiend the stering = all the time :P. For sure im lucky to have buy a factory Freak car . Seriously it's just a car , a steal box with 4 rubber donuts !!! I dont made big head because my 1/4 time is better of lot of pepole !! Im just happy that it's !! For me that superficial thing and i can't change the world with that !. ///////////////// For the number of feets over the level of the see ... i allwais think more high you are , more less oxigen you have and motor need a lot of cold or warm oxigen to perform at best he can .Im not a specialis in that thing .

(Vincent Precourt)
Confirmed . More high you are , more high your time will be with the same car .

Yeah nice time Vince. I drive a 01 auto gt. It comes stalk with a 2.4l twin cam and I love it. I run about 15.56 average.

I'm about to buy a sunfire 05, but my friend said that sunfire's engine will be broken soon ... is it correct? Should I buy sunfire or Japanese car?

(Jason H)
A sunfire runs great. With the new ecotec engine it will last for about 100k mines before you have to get any real matiance done to it depending on how you drive it. I have had my sunfire for 6 years and the only thing I've had to fix is the transmission re built for about 1.5k and it has a nation wide warranty. I kept the oil changes and tire rotations at 3k miles by good year and it still runs like a champ.

Thank's Jason H and Jason Yes this car are way better of the pepole say because this car have bad reputation . At this moment , i have over 600 official drag run at official dragway + many and many other race on the highway late in the night 1 vs 1 no traffic . I never pass the limit in town because i realy love my car and i dont wish have crash and tiket . I choose this car because i prefer a resent car \

I buy this car new and because this engine have great reputation and for the cheap price i have a very good car . I not pretend i have a race car or a super car but i just pretend i have a prety decent and i realy love my car whit my lil mod and look great . This car is one of the best for the price/performence/filability . Like all car this car can be broke sometime and the good thing is you can find all peice for cheap price at so many place and you dont need nasa ingenior to repair your car . Im lucky , in rough with my car and he never broken and run like a new car !!! Im serious . Im the firts surprised of that because im realy hard whit the mecanic . Maintenance is the secret i think .

Japanese car is a good option to if you have more money . Honda civic and acura integra is a good car if the car are stock or modified whit quality part and make whit good mechanic guy . Lot a modified japanese car engine or swapped engine is a paradice of trouble because lot a pepole without budjet modify the car whit cheap peice or old more powerfull engine and the other modified part like the shocks and spring is so many time not legal and the car is a public danger and the dirrection and powertrain broke lot of time . Remember that , cheap price japanese car are slow and dont have any tork on the highway when the car is stock . The only option you have if you dont have money and wish have fast and great japanese car it's if you can made the modification by your self and have contact on dealer part . Im not jap hater im just realist and i know what a say because i live in this world all day's . I forget to say all jbody need suspension upgrade to be realy fun to drive .

I have bug into my update page and hate that . I can't update my page because the Update confirmation button is missing since over 6 month . I try many and many time to contact webmaster and all my email is returned .

thanks Vincent, that's really helpful :)

You welcome , you are very good to decrypt my english !!! I think my english of teacher is a monkey lol :P

ur English is good :) (by the way it should be \

what car is faster between the 2002 gt with the 2.4 engine and the 2.2 ecotech ???????

(Vincent Précourt)
It's a driver race , all time i've raced vs 2.4L j-body the best driver won . For now i trade my sunfire for a new 2008 Pontiac G5 SE (like cobalt LTZ)full équiped ( just no leather and optional air bag) and i realy like my new car but I never forget my sunfire because I had a lot of pleasure and it was very reliable. Lot of great memory .

(Jesse Labelle)
Instead of Buying a 2008 Pontiac G5 SE , Buy a 2006 Pontiac G5 GT.. I got one, And it's a pretty fast car.. I got a sunfire too, If you love your sunfire, You'll love the G5 GT..

(Jesse Labelle)
Tu doit parlé francais ? Comme je disait, Si t'aime bien la perfomance, Achète toi une Pontiac G5 GT.. C'est peut-etre un peu plus cher, Mais sa vaut ton argent.. Sa vien avec un ground effect.. Les options GM GT.. Des maudit beaux rims, Mais les tires sont tres cher.. Mais comme je disait, Si tu aimait ta sunfire, Bah t'aimerais la G5 Gt

(Vincent Précourt)
Met s'en que j'aurais aimé avoir la G5GT mais j'avais une balloune sur mon encienne sunfire , elle allait super bien apart un foutu trouble électrique sal qui percistait depuis le premier mois que j'ai eu l'auto . J'ai du perdre 7000$ dessu car la garantie finissait et je voulais pas etre pogner a payé les facture de trouble de couette de fil avant tout ravagé par le vers de gris !!! La j'ai loué une G5SE full équipé mais crain pas que j'avais pas celle la en tête quand je suis allé au dealer . Ma prochaine voiture j'aurais pas de balloune sal qui vas me suivre , m'as me payé du luxe . La j'ai mis un cai , strut bar et des coil over de bonne qualité (bc racing ). J'aurais pu lair d'avoir un 4x4 aumoin héhé !!! Apart de pas avoir le look solide de la GT j'ai tout les équipement de la GT plus l'intérieur et franchement j'adore ma G5SE au boute tellement c'est confortable et qéuipé vs ma sun . Tout équipé je veux dire tout ( apart rideau gonflable sur les coté et le system contre les perte de controle qui est de série sur les G5Gt 2008+ ) Mais dans mon coeur quand je regarde une GT sa me fais un petit pincement au coeur :P D'ici 4 ans la cobalt et la g5 vons avoir disparu du paysage , en tout cas la cobalt change de nom et de model assé drastiquement pour tres bientot je sais pas si la g5 vas suivre . Si t'es du quebec joint toi à nous ... http://cobaltssquebec.forumup.ca/index.php?mforum=cobaltssquebec un club pour les cobalt et g5 de toute les versions .

(Vincent Précourt)
Hey tu sais pas quoi , juste pour faire chier les disques et pads de ma voiture sont différent du model de base et de la GT vue que j'ai le model SE . J'ai faite TOUTE les places et c'est inexistant . Meme au dealer sa coute 215$ pour les disques d'origine . Moi je suis habitué de changé les freins d'origine de mes voiture par des frein troué , rainuré et plaqué au zinque mais y'en font juste pour le model de base et la GT en plus y sont vraiment hot et pas cher . J'avais pris une chance d'acheté des disque avant de la GT vue que j'ai 5 trous moi aussi mais les disques de la GT sont genre apeine plus gros de 2 ou 3 mm !!!! Donc j'ai pas le choi de les laissé comme sa mes disques ou de les emporté cher piece d'auto NAPA et y vons les envoyé dans une shop se faire troué pour 50$ chaques mais je perd mon char pour 3 jours minimum lol M'as laissé faire !!! GM sont vraiment con d'avoir fait des disques différent pour les 3 version de la G5 :( Sa l'aurais été moin de trouble de mettre les frein avant de la G5 tant qu'a dépencé pour faire un autre model . Je souhaite que les cie de performence et de jober vons se réveillé avant que mes disques soient fini dans un an ou 2 .

(Jesse Labelle)
Pour ma G5 GT, c'est tres dure a trouvé, Je vie a Gatineau, Pis faut je decende dans le fond de Ottawa pour en acheté.. Pis c'est du Nascar.. Moi a mon dealer ship, C'est beaucoup trop cher, Mais sa vaut la peine par exemple

(Vincent Précourt)
Check sur internet le magasin www.supraz2000.com Je sais pas si y livre gratuitement partout au quebec comme avant mais pour 264$ tax in j'avais 2 disques comme je te parlais plus des pads de performence c'est malade comment y vendent pas cher pi sa pas lair du cheapo .

(Jesse Labelle)
Merci pour le site je vais allé voir, Mais moi j'ai 4 disque sur la mienne.. Toi c'est tu juste 2 disque avant? Pis 2 drum en arriere? Ou 4 disque toi aussi..

(Vincent Précourt)
Le prix que je parle c'est juste pour les 2 disques et les pads de la G5GT . Ma voiture est a disques en avant et a drum en arriere mais contrairement aux disques avant du model de base ma voiture a 5 trous au lieu de 4 et sont .5'' plus gros que ceux du model de base .

(Jesse Labelle)
Vincent, Ma sunfire est morte ! =(

(Vincent Précourt)
Fait chier sa , c'est quoi qui c'est passé ? Pas un accident j'espert . Pence tu pouvoir t'acheté une g5gt sa serait nice .

(corey chaffee)
i dont know if your car is that fast man..i have an 05 sunfire with a 2.5 inch catback, aem cold air intake, kyb gr2 struts nd shocks, lowering springs, low pro's, its chipped and strut braces and i was doing 10.9's in an 1/8 mile its a 5 speed manual..and i know how to drive

(Vincent précourt)
I don't have video to proof my time but i can say , all dragway are different by the type of ground of type of préparation . The friday ( the day i make my best time ever ) there was no glue ( the best ground can i have to make my best time ) because the glue for my car = crazy wheel hop and high risk of damage to the drive line and transmission even if i set my suspension the more stiff they can be . The Napierreville dragway are official nhra and other drag assosiation then the time can't be false . And the tire are so important , i always use 15'' rims with normal toyo spectrum tire . The difference vs your time and my time are so small , lot and lot of thing can be affect the car ( sand on the ground , water , wind , oil , temperature , humidity , car healt , oil , quality of tire . Im sure wiht my former sunfire you probably make the same or mabe better .

(vincent precourt)
Now , my new car ( G5SE full équiped ) with the 2.2L Ecotec manual transmission and 16'' oem heavy mags . At the same track , and close same temp i realise 15.748@88.665mph wiht 10.153@69.835mph for the 1/8 only with drop ( not set to the stiffer setting ) I pretty sure i can make better whit 15'' tire on rim + cold air or short ram . Im not a dreamer i never can beat the time of my sunfire because the sunfire are more light of my G5 . Just for your information , my best time with 17'' on my sunfire are 15.7 . All my run ( im very serious ) wiht my 17'' mags i use the normal time to the street i allwais made 15.7xx no 15.6xx !!! , that crazy only 2 little inches and my time up .03 !!!

(Jeremie Garceau)
Salut vincent! je vienne d'acheter mon sunfire avec le meme moteur que toi le 2,2l ecotec je te crois pour ton temps...sa de la pédale en masse un sunfire. je voullais savoir a quel RPM tu le shifte....tu shifte tu a 5500-5700 et tu lache pas le gas ou tu attends a 6400-6500 et tu lache le gas...jaimerais sa le savoir avant d'arriver a Sanair pcq jaimerais sa cloué le bec a mes copains avec leur civic:P

(Vincent Precourt)
Salut , pour faire mes meilleurs temps je devais avoir mes pneus 15'' sur des rims car avec mes mags de 17'' je faisais des temps à chier !!!! Je faisais mes departs a 3000-3500 rpm tout dependament de l'usure des pneus . Pour les autres vitesses je shiftais normal en pesant sur la clutch mais tres rapidement a 6400-6500 rpm pour etre dans le top de la plage de puissance quand la vitesse est fini d'etre changer . Sa prend de la pratique surtout j'ai pas fais mes meilleurs temps la premiere saison . A la fin je ne faisais qu'un avec la voiture c'etais tres plaisant comme sensation et je regrette beaucoup de l'avoir vendu , en plus je croise le gars de temps en temps sa fais encore plus chier lol Présentement je roule en Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 automatique , il n'avais pas de manuel quand j'ai acheter ma Vibe elles etaient toute en quarantaine accause d'un buletin de service :(

(Vincent Precourt)
À oui , si tes pneus ont pas les memes propriété que mes enciens toyo spectrum je vais te dire le feeling qui faut ressentire pour avoir un bon départ . Il faut pas que les pneus spine en malade il faut juste un peut de crissement de pneus genre 2 secondes tout t'en sentant l'auto avancé car quand on manque le départ l'auto n'avance presque pas quand les pneus crient . Normalement tu dois etre à 140 km/h rendu au 1/4 de mile .

(Jeremie Garceau)
ok c'est bon!! je monte a napierreville ou pont-rouge mardi ou mercredi je ne sais pas encore...mon chum de gars a une mustang et je le suis..loll... on va aller se faire du fun! merci bien pour tes infos je vais faire des test cette semaine!

(Jeremie Garceau)
J'ai été a Sanair hier! J'ai adorer mon expérience!! c juste plate que l'on ait pas nos temps....pi sa va mal pour décolé...du vert au rouge sa donne pas de très bon départ...lolll en plus javais dla misere avec ma 2...le seul temps que jai su c 17,5 ..jai manqué mon départ pi la 2 a pas super bien rentrer...je monte soit a napierreville ou pont rouge cette semaine fac je te redonne des nouvelles!

est-ce que les sunfire 2003 2004 ont la meme direction que les 1998 ? ( la generation d'avant ) pcq moi jai une sunfire 1998 pis la je vais changer d'auto dans kelkes semaines et j'ai conduit une lancer 2004 et je trouve qu'il y a enormement plus de feeling dans le volant ke dans ma sunfire ( 1998 ) et si dans la sunfire 2004 c'est le meme systeme de direction je vais pas acheter une otre sunfire ... c domage pcq jadore le ecotec pis la getrag.. mais le volant ( celle ke jai .. ) est tlment pas precis je deteste sa.. je vais esseyer d'en essayer une bientot pcq je prefererais pour moins cher payer une auto qui a de la puissance que payer pour une lancer un peu moins rapide..

(Vincent Precourt)
Je crois plutot que c'est les suspensions qui sont à chier que les sunfire , 2200 2.4L et ecotec . C'est toute la même marde . Avec un bon setup de suspension amélioré comme le kit que j'avais sur ma sunfire l'auto est un vrai charme à conduire et est super précise . Disont que juste avec des mags 17'' avec des pneus low profile sa fait déjà un petit changement mais avec le kit au complet la sunfire mange les courbe sa pas d'allure . J'avais aussi mis des strut barr avant et arrière .

(Jeremie Garceau)
Salut Vincent! je suis aller a pont rouge aujourdhui! j'ai baisser mon meilleur temps a 16,396 avec des tires 14 pouces 185/65 r14 à 20 livre d'air...sa bin été tou la journée... je crois que je peux baisser a 15 haut...mes départ sa virait un peu trop de sourd... tk... mon meilleur temps de réaction a été de 0,006 sec mon meilleur 60 pieds 2,428 mon meilleur mp/h a été de 84,23 et mon meilleur temps 16,396... sa résume bien ma journée:P

Engine: Ecotec 2.2L
Turbos: in my dream
Boost Control:
Boost Pressure (psi):
Nitrous Kit/System:
Nitrous Shot:
Pistons (rotors):
Rings (seals):
Connecting Rods:
Throttle Body:
Intake & Air Filter:
Headers / Downpipe:


Exhaust: Rino generic muffler with lil generic resonator

Computer ECU Chip Upgrade:
Spark Plugs:
Fuel Injectors:
Fuel Pump:
Gas: 87 octane
Transmission: manual 5 spd
Clutch/Torq Conv:
Suspension: Eibach ProKit Springs and KYB AGX shocks
Wheels: 15
Brake Rotors/Pads: Drilled and sloted disc and ceramic brake pad .
Tires Toyo spectrum radial
Weight with driver (lbs): 2785
Track: Napierville Dragway, Quebec, Canada
 Record Modified: December 16th, 2007

Additional parts, modifications, upgrades & information:
(0-60, weight, upgrades parts, etc...)
My mod is.. .AEM cold air intake , Eibach springs and KYB AGX shocks , vibrant front and back strut barr and for all day's 17 fastwheels mags Groove whit 17 Wanli tires .

*** when i go to drag i have maximum 10$ of gaz in my tank and i allwais remove my spare tire and jack ***

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